The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!


every defeat a divorce
hate for the island
to tundra
whatever the last song’s called

bin 'em off.

however the good bits are so good that i am willing to overlook the shit bits.

edit: they’re not even shit are they. just pale in comparison to the rest

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Saw them play this for probably the firsst time at Cardiff couple years back

I saw them in Bristol this year. Bruta stuff but I really enjoyed it. There was a girl there who was so unbelievably excited Xiu Xiu were clearly her favourite band. It was like Noel Gallagher travelling back in time to see The Beatles level of devotion.

It was very very sweet, if slightly odd.

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This is me with LC!

(Grew out of their earlier stuff and didn’t get on with their later stuff, this would be a good opportunity to give them another go I guess)

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Xiu Xiu are shoe shoe

You may be thinking of the band !!! who pronounce that chk chk chk

Poor joke fails to land! Nooo




Word of God has it that Baby I Got the Death Rattle is in fact Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown # 3


Hmm. Hello Sadness. Just back from work travel, so haven’t had a chance to listen for the club. Will post my proper response tomorrow, but for the moment:

Yeah, this is it. Three absolute bangers, and then… what the fuck happened?

I can see this. I see strong parallels with WABWAD, in that they’ve both got 2/3 songs that very comfortably sit alongside their hits from HONY, being great smiley sing-alongs, amidst a majority of “we’re leaving all that behind us” songs.

Have never really listened to WDB properly. Didn’t really know it existed until it was put up on bandcamp a couple of years ago, and had no idea until this thread that the songs were recorded/released around the time of HS.

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yeah this is nice

I never realised this till now. Gosh. Loads of these tracks are stretched too long. I really want Tiptoe through the true bits on there but that’s 5 minutes also and it err, shouldn’t be.

I’m trying to put together a tracklist that combines the two releases but it’s not easy. Hmm.

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yeah Tiptoe is really good but too long again! we can do this, we can do it

ok try this shit on for size yeah

By Your Hand
Songs About Your Girlfriend
She Crows
Dumb Luck
Life is a Long Time
To the Boneyard
The Black Bird The Dark Slope
Allez les Blues
Tiptoe Through the True Bits
Baby I Got the Death Rattle
Hello Sadness

Waah, waah, this great song is too long for my atrophied brain, nurse, where’s my TikTok?

That’s you lot, that is.

Hello Sadness is LC!’s best record, their most consistent and precise, with amazing songwriting throughout. To Tundra is good. Every Defeat a Divorce is masterful. As a snapshot of a youthful misery, it is almost unparalleled.

And for those who are dismissing Whole Damn Body… fools!

I voted Tiptoe Through The True Bits as my single best song because it is incredible. The brass, the pacing, the sense of apocalyptic dislocation (I’ve been waking on your side of the bed, as the sun’s been rising in the west)… it’s all but perfect.


It’s fine but the ‘French bitch’ line really puts me off it for some reason.


I agree it’s jarring, but I think I see it as a kind of youthful, performative misanthropy/misogyny which represents what Gareth was at the time. Maybe that’s no excuse.


I suppose it’s no different to ‘you said he got his teeth fixed…’


Oh will give this and funkhousers a go.

I think mind will be completely different but I’ll pinch ideas from both. Lots of slightly awkward things about mixing everything together. And I definitely want To Tundra on there.

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Shocked to find I still have the WABWAD badges. I’m sure that I lost them… meaning this is almost certainly my ex’s copy. Oops.

And this!

This was before HONY, maybe even their first shirt design? Tempted to cut out the graphic and do something with it - I would need to cut myself in half to wear the shirt nowadays.


Actually sod that. If anyone wants a size S ancient LC! shirt then let me know and I’ll send it you