The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

ah ok that makes sense

Aight, I guess this’ll be as good a place as any to attempt to retune my ears to the Campesinos frequency. Count me in.


Heck yeah. Very up for this

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They now acknowledge it as a full LP

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I very nearly messaged him yesterday to tell him about the results thread


Oi! Some of us simply posted all day at work instead!

Well thank god no on at witchita logged onto drownedinsound forums in 2008, we’d never have got Hello Sadness

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Listening to it as we speak!

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Just sang Avocado Baby to my daughter to get her to sleep (it worked)

(I read her the book, Avocado Baby, and then asked what did she want me to sing? This week it’s mainly been Strawberry Fields Forever but today she said SONG ABOUT AVOCADO, so… :grinning:)


Now where would someone wanting to partake listen to this then? I don’t think I knew there was stuff before HON,Y

The tracks are on Spotify on the HONY deluxe edition.

Stuck 'em on a playlist for you

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Ello ello ello


hey don’t worry about it, i gotchu babe

I could / will kiss u


I’m in for this.

Can wheel out my extremely tenuous story about the band: I went to school with Aleksandra’s brother and at least once went to their house. That’s it.


Actually, I do have Frontwards but the album field is “Madia Vale Session”. Reckon that’s one I would’ve grabbed via SoulSeek back in the day, but have somehow missed it whenever I’ve done my biannual LC! listen-throughs.

Boring anecdote: I met some of the band at an ATP in 2006. I was locked out of my chalet (that I was sharing with @dingers! and some others) but the people in the one downstairs were sat out and chatting, so I just went and said hi and they were kind enough to let me hang out until someone else came home.

Anyway during the conversation they were saying they were in a band and they were hoping to play London soon, and I did the usual “oh yeah sure I’ll definitely check out your MySpace” response you’d give to someone talking about their band.

Anyway a few months later and the demos were doing the rounds and I messaged them to get a CD, and they replied “hey! We were your downstairs neighbours at ATP!”, so that’s quite funny isn’t it.

I imagine the CD is still at my mum’s in a box, although I don’t remember it having a fancy sleeve like the one in those pictures, I think it was just in a plastic case.

Boring anecdote 2: I went to see them at ULU, I think this was 2007 or maybe early 2008, I went to say hi to Gareth on the merch stand before the bands started and he was posting on DiS, so for a while he was definitely in deep.


It wasn’t a proper EP, it collected their first two UK 7”s (plus a short instrumental track) for release in North America, it just got imported loads here cause there was nothing else available.

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Oooh boring LC story time! I met a few of them at a Martha gig last year. My wife was wearing a Doomed t-shirt and they pointed it out, so that was a weird coincidence. Gareth agreed that I was right to veto By Your Hand as a wedding walk in song. Then Rob decided to make a mortal enemy of The Decemberists who we chose instead. They were all very nice.


My LC anecdote is their drummer did one of my tattoos - he’s great!