The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

theyre the best kind!


Haha, don’t apologise! One of the best things about Los Camp is how we all love different aspects of them :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Remember thinking this a lot when I first was listening to HS, absolutely


The brass, the pacing, the sense of apocalyptic dislocation… the cracking Alan Partridge reference

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I’ve missed that! What is it?



a proper album and a live album this week: No Blues

A Good Night for a Fistfight


I’m just listening to this now for what must be the first time in a good few years. Not one I necessarily thought would feel as nostalgic to me as ‘Hello Sadness’ or ‘WABWAD’ but this album is bizarrely yet ANOTHER LC! album that screams a particular Christmas period. Winter 2023, I was working my first full-time not a temp job, but for some reason I was also working in the old Bullring Debenhams in the kitchen on weekends. I was kind of nervous about a lot of it (various tasks around the restaurant and kitchen) and would run ‘Avocado Baby’ through my head on a loop to keep myself together. At that job, I once made someone a coffee so badly that they weren’t even angry - they laughed while telling me it was “undrinkable, mate”.

‘A Portrait of the Trequartista As A Young Man’, I thought was beautiful back then and I think it’s fkn beautiful now


what a year that was


aw shit

really love For Flotsam, though I can take or leave most of the rest of this album. Each song seems to have an amazing section but then another bit that somehow grates

The video for Avocado Baby is great:


THIS ALBUM, mates. Boy oh boy. (I’ll do a separate post for the live record.) The lyrics are phenomenal. Lots of death. Really literary, very vivid imagery, it’s just flippin’ brilliant from a lyrical perspective. If I was an English teacher I’d get my students to study it.

Again like Hello Sadness there are a handful of tracks I’m not fussed about but everything else is faultless.

For Flotsam’s another of their sea themed songs, sorta, right?

She says if you’re unhappy then you gotta find a cure.
I prescribe me one more beer, beyond that I am unsure.


More bogs in this one too.

C’est la mort, enough o’this.

Top album opener imho.

Weeeeeeee sit around just spitballin’.

What Death Leaves Behind should have been a radio hit. I fucking love how Gaerth delivers this lyrics in the one.

We will flower again!

A Portrait… nah. Usually skip this one. It’s fine but not arsed about it.

How good is the start of Cemetary Gaits? Yes, really good. Banger. The lil "do do do dodododo"s in the background.

Two words upon my headstone please
Don’t need date or name, just “sad story”

Glue Me is a slow burner. Didn’t think I liked it much but the niche football references do it for me a little.

Okay. As Lucerne/The Low is stunning. Just exquisite. The fade out from Glue Me into it, the way it starts, then…

There is no blues that can sound quite as heartfelt as mine.

YES! Top 5 Los Camp song for me.

I am a glutton but it’s good for my glutes.

The ending of the low is what I came for / in a darkness I do adore, just… yes. Amazing live.

Avocado, Baby has recently taken on a whole new level of meaning for me as my daughter insisted I sing it to her while she went to sleep for weeks. I think we’re out of that phase now, but her face lights up whnever I start singing “there’s no box to tick for red…”. Pretty funny cos it’s wordy as fuck and pretty dark in places. She can even sing some of it! Thinking about getting something about the song as a tattoo maybe, but apart from the video I don’t think they had any artwork or whatever done for it. Anyway. Banger of a song.

Oh, it won’t get better. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna get any worse.

The bit where is sounds like it’s gonna end with the faded drumming… but then it starts again! Yes. Lovely stuff.

Forgot that Let It Spill is quite nice.

I take no solace in coastal breezes
Cos the quay is sea minor without you

^niiiice. (See, more references to the sea!!)

You’ll find me upside down in the belfry
Cos baby I am bats, it is true

^really nice ending.

Nearly always skip The Time Before The Last Time. Sounds nice but… is it a song about wanking? It’s a song about wanking isn’t it.

Selling Rope :heart: - what an ending. Christ. Bird imagery harking back to every reference Gareth’s ever made about feeling depressed mingled with a song about chucking yourself into a river… absolutely devastating. Can’t pick a favourite line from this one, it’s all great. Maybe…

There’s no ticker-tape
No pearly gates
No carnival and no parade
Just one, one for sorrow

10/10 album, best thing they’ve ever done.


Can’t quite believe it’s ten years old, jfc. Sat here typing this at 38 it makes me feel really quite old (I know I’m not), but I was 28 when it came out and I was spending lots of my time drinking and going to gigs and enjoying having moved to London without any responsibilities. Now I live in the countryside, have a kid, a mortgage, a job where people expect me to do things, and I don’t really listen to music like this any more. Certainly don’t feel like I have the energy or the headspace to study or enjoy records like I used to, especially when they’re interesting and wordy like this, so I just… don’t.


specifically in the shower i think


Forgot how good Selling Rope is as a final track

It’s about wanking in the shower spurred by eavesdropping on and fantasising about his partner’s housemate, I love so many of LC!'s lyrics but this one is truly awful. I have no idea what he was going for “from her soap I foam” come on dude, what the fuck?


No Blues is one that passed me by a bit when it came out, not really sure why. I think that might be why it’s never really clicked properly like some of their others. There are a lot of football references in this one though which I’m fully behind (‘Bela Guttmann of love’ is a particularly nerdy one) and listening to it now I reckon that I could get pretty into it. Seems to be more filler than previous albums imo though. Gonna give it a few more spins before voting time.

AGNFAFF is a lot of fun as a live album and has a nice dose of that chaotic spirit that first drew me to them.


I really like No Blues, it might be my favourite? But I do miss the spark they’ve not had since Romance Is Boring, where in any track it felt like there would be surprises, with ideas almost tripping over other ideas.

They’re a lot more restrained nowadays but the songwriting is also better in lots of ways. No Blues tracks are really fully formed and the tracklisting is really good too. There’s a pace to this that makes me want to listen to it on repeat.

Had never quite clocked the lyrics to that track being about wanking in the shower to your partner’s housemate. Bit of a ‘cor Gareth, what’s he like?’ moment (I don’t think the lyrics should have been recorded as they are).

This seems more negative than I mean? It’s a really great album, though not a hugely exciting one. Do you want a grown up LC? You got it.

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I always thought it was a Soap iPhone…

After not particularly getting Hello Sadness, I fell right back in with No Blues and there was a good while where I thought it was their best. Just so consistent - and I love The Time Before… Beautiful synths juxtaposing with the aforementioned wank.

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