The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

Maybe you should both simply come to Sheffield (just grabbed myself a ticket)



Well this is a lovely idea but just one problem; I’m in Tenerife then, and even if I wasn’t Sheffield is more difficult to get to than fucking Mordor, and even if it wasn’t THERE IS NO 29th FEBRUARY :scream:



Look at that, a day and 8 hours each way. That’s too much, I’m a busy woman!


Was it something like “Your keyboardist is fit!” “Our keyboardist is a person”.

Getting my Gareth sarcasm muddled

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Oh yes that sounds about right. I remember the whole crowd booing him as well. Hopefully the sort of instant social karma that makes a person rethink their choices

There’s a compilation of the various new singles here

Late Nite Skate is really nice.

New album next year apparently.


I love the Christmas album. I like Christmas stuff generally, but the whole vibe suits LC so well - sad and wintry but with a glimmer of humour and light.

The Holly and the Ivy is maybe our most played Christmas song in the car. I love how traditional and straight they play it, then drop in a new verse that just hits different. Masterful festive vibes.


going to recommend this as the perfect chaser

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I’ve never listened to this. Didn’t know about it at the time, and the couple of times I’ve clocked it on their bandcamp page, I think I just assumed it was cover versions of Christmas songs/carols.

Lonely This Christmas is the perfect Los Campesinos song, it even has the awful spoken word section.

But fuck me - it’s a hard song to listen to for anyone who’s ever lost anyone around christmas time

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ooh the key change for the prechorus in A Doe to a Deer is really interesting, i don’t think they’ve done anything like that elsewhere really

oh The Holly and the Ivy reminds me i haven’t listened to the Sparky Deathcap reissue yet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

is that the only Los Camp song without G? it doesn’t sound like he’s doing backing vox or anything, it sounds like just Harriet (thought it was Kim but i checked bandcamp) and Tom? interesting how they’re experimenting with arrangements on this record tho, the drum machine on Lonely This Christmas too. get rid of The Trains Don’t Run, that’s filler. way better than i expected this, fair dos

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I love these lyrics:

I’m Boxing Day game away
Shirtless cherubs on the terrace
Singing hymns, praying the saviour scores today
And that he is one, but not the only

Fantastic imagery.

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Dreams Don’t Become You was with Zac Pennington (of Parenthetical Girls) on vox

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ooh, deep cut! a Heat Rash single that isn’t on Whole Damn Body

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Was it just me or did anyone else take Gareth up on a postcard when he went on holiday? Think it was between WAB WAD and RIb.