The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

they released it as a (free? i think) download as well

this reminds me actually, when they did the all dayer at the brudenell, gareth was on the merch stand with a former DiSer who didn’t realise who he was and didn’t understand why so many people were excited to meet him during the day, he just kept taking the piss out of him about some football bullshit and getting confused when people would ask him to take a picture of them with G

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Late to the party but I’m in! Only done the 1 (Mogwai) listening club before so I’m kinda excited!


My LC anecdote is that I bought the four issues of Heat rash while living in the US and then following the first one the three further issues were sent to the person who moved into my apartment after I left.



My best Los Campesinos anecdote is that me and Gareth once chased someone out of the Porter pub in Bath cause we saw him slap his girlfriend in the face during a pub quiz.


Team Campesinos trick or treating on your driveway in the middle of August/One of us dressed as a zombie, one of us dressed as a pirate, one of us dressed as a ninja, four of us dressed as school girls




kind of funny how Don’t Tell Me to Do the Math(s) ends up on the first album but Tweexcore doesnt

not a lot to say about this though, short sharp and sweet. interesting that Frontwards seemed like a weird inclusion on this at the time with it being a cover and not sounding like any of the other stuff on here or HONY when that came out, but now it would fit in much better with more recent stuff than, say, It Started With a Mixx, which is way more in keeping with HONY

might as well post the HONY rarities collection as mentioned already, it’s these tracks plus a bunch of other covers that i think? were Tweexcore b-sides? dunno

The Heavenly and Black Flag songs were Tweecore b-sides cos both bands get referenced in the song, it was a (shudder) concept single.


just googled to try and find out where they’re all from and found someone on reddit saying they only had the Black Flag cover from a torrent, not Tweexcore, so when they bumped into Gareth they were telling him about meeting Henry Rollins and G was like oh i never really cared about Black Flag sorry :grinning:


I really like We Throw Parties…, but I really understand why Gazza doesn’t


This is the first time I’ve listened to a lot of these re-masters and it’s throwing me a bit.

yeah me too, its weird isnt it

Love it. Haven’t heard the remasters before, and have no real memory of listening to Frontwards before, even though I have a version of it in my library. Are they remasters, or re-recordings? They sound like there’s a lot of additional instrumentation and more overdrive on the guitar. Or is it that the files in my library are actually the demos, and at some stage I’ve just changed the album tag to reflect where they ended up?

At any rate, the early stuff is just so much fun, and the fun is why I got into them from the get-go, so have never really understood the retrospective rankings that rate everything up to an including HONY among their weakest. I go the other way, in that whenever LC seemed to turn the fun dial down to something less than 9, I can’t help but feel disappointed, and I rate it lower for failing to be what I want LC to be.

“Parties”, “Mixx”, “Math(s)” and, obviously, “Dancing”, are along with “Death” and “Sweet Cheeks” are all in my top 20 LC songs (with apologies for getting ahead of schedule).

just remasters, yeah. i guess the new master gives everything a bit more room to breathe, the early stuff was always really busy like everybody should be playing something at all times, including gareth with his glockenspiel or whatever

ive got to say HONY isnt one i return to often, but its a lot stronger than it gets credit for

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My housemate bought an early copy of one of these (Sticking Fingers…, I think) - came with some cut out paperdolls, which I was always quite jealous of.


ooh that rings a bell actually, they might have come with the download as well

Just done a second listen of the day of both “Sticking Fingers Into Sockets” and “The International Tweexcore Underground” for the first time ever. Very enjoyable and upbeat, which is ideal for a rainy Monday tbqh. Initial feelings are good, put me slightly in mind of Johnny Foreigner. Favourite song so far is probably “Do Tell Me To Do The Math(s)”, but could change. Will probably listen a few more times this week before scoring later in the week, so will add more thoughts at a later stage too probably. Glad I’ve got myself involved in this listening club, think I’m gonna like it.