The ludicrous volume of the microwave beeps when it finishes

Fucking joke. Deafening beeps, shut the fuck up, you do not need to be that loud.

Your microwave
  • Stops beeping when you open the door
  • Carries on beeping even though you’ve opened the fucking door which means you clearly don’t need any more fucking beeping
  • Don’t have a microwave

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I don’t have a car either, felt like such a phony starting that thread earlier


Single ding club ftw


Mine keeps beeping at intervals until you open the door which was fucking delightful when we sterilised bottles in there; clearly we were not going to use them straight away. Yet Arsehole McMicrowave would just keep beeping every few minutes until you dealt with it.

I discovered that ours does this a few days ago. Prompted an involuntary “Oh no you fucking didn’t”.

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  • Have a microwave and a car
  • Microwave but no car
  • Car but no microwave
  • Neither

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So you can hear it in other rooms

Microwaves are really handy. Went a month without one and it was pretty annoying.

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Yeah, I’m curious as to how the non-microwave posse handle leftover reheating. That’s the big one for me.

Dishwasher beep is more annoying

on the hob, or in the oven depending on the dish?

(i have a microwave but don’t like reheating in them which, i know i know…)

yeah, my fridge/freezer beeping is worse to be honest

Microwave is my favourite guy in this whole house. Don’t know where I’d be without it


Each to their own. Really handy imo. Well worth £60.

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Just seems like hassle to me :man_shrugging:


I’ve got a microwave in my car

Prove it.

100%. My dishwashers beep is far more obnoxious than the microwaves.