The ludicrous volume of the microwave beeps when it finishes

I use the microwave to reheat leftovers a minimum of 2 evenings a week. Without it, life would be less good

The fridge beeping pisses me right off. Yes I can fucking see that you’re open you attention seeking fuck.

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No need for a microwave in my own personal life to be honest. I do have an air fryer that is actually quite loud

wah wah I’m getting a little less cold wah wah

Pathetic isn’t it?

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Love microwaves tbh


Is your mum convinced that microwaves will someday all be exposed for making everyone sick?

  • Yes
  • No

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I actually have a vague feeling that my Mum has never really recovered from the switcheroo that the decades have delivered from when she was a young single parent and was told that the microwave was the future and she became reliant on it and now her children have grown up and openly mock her for her ignorance of how to cook properly. You could substitute microwave for dolmio pasta sauce or findus crispy pancakes or whatever here.

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Another annoying thing about them: it’s an absolute pain to get things out of them after they’ve been heated. Bowls are about a thousand degrees. Have to get a tea towel and awkwardly wrap it around it. So dangerous, must be responsible for so many burns.


Instead of a microwave my mum has a hostess trolley, basically a heated box thing that keeps the food warm. It’s really handy because if you make a roast you don’t have to get timings right at all

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My mum has one of these and has done for as long as I can remember

It’s enabled her to develop what seems to be more or less a “cook one thing at a time” style of cooking

Also the plates are always hot which seems to be important to her


I’ve got an old school dial based microwave so it just does a single classy “bing”

Same with auld ma Ruffs, she just cannot comprehend why you wouldn’t buy the ready meal or processed version of any foodstuff.

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