The Lumineers (kind of JAG)

No i’ve not joined The Lumineers (yet) but I did get to meet them for DiS back in November:

My perception going in is that most people had written this band off because they were kicking about at the same time as Mumford & Sons, but their second album last year was really great, but received little to no fanfare. Any particularly strong thoughts or feelings towards them?

They always make me think of this


hahaha I didn’t get that joke at the time :smiley:

that one song they had wasn’t very good


yeah well, that was one song on their first album, the most recent album is so much better

hey ho

Listening now as even though I associate them with all that is wrong with the world, I trust you if you say the new one has something more to it.

Track one and it’s not grabbing me. Which ones are good?

Cleopatra, Angela, Long Way From Home, My Eyes/Patience… I would say so it’s worth repeated listens (it’s not very long only 35 mins) mind

I would give it a couple listens, it totally grew on me