The Lunch Thread - brought to you in partnership with @plasticniki

Whatchu eat?

Yeah no shit, thanks DiS.

1 x ham and mustard roll
1 x M&S cheese tasters
1 x satsuma
1 x lemon and poppy seed muffin

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haven’t eaten very much for the past few days. don’t know why, just haven’t been hungry. usually i’m ALWAYS hungry so it’s a bit weird.

but to answer your question, i dunno

That sounds like a good excuse to go nuts and have a full on treat yo’self lunch to me japesy.

Thank you.


Thai green curry from the cafe. Side of prawn crackers. AND ALSO a side of sticky beef??? THIS LUNCH IS INCREDIBLE srsly the sticky beef they do here is :100:

Bit too much food tbh tbf though.


RIP japes

(plz don’t die)

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Might get a pork belly roll from the bakers nearby.

yeah, i’ve been expecting to be famished for a while now and use it as an excuse to stuff my face but i’m still not bothered. am i dying

Smoked German ham, houmous and cucumber sandwich and some BBQ popchips.

Had a dead weird but surprisingly good potato and raclette cheese pie with chick peas and a herby breaded tomato on the side. And a free coffee.


Yes we all are.

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woah that sounds great

It looked like this

I’d have it again tbh


We gonna have to have words about this mate?

Alwite pnickers? I’m going to get myself a treat. I’ve had a mental week with late nights closing a deal and some really difficult clients to deal with, along with a childcare letdown which meant I had to wfh yesterday (which doesn’t work when you have a very active 18 month old who wants to play with your laptop, and your tits, while you do a conf call. thank god for Sky and its endless supply of peppa pig episodes.)

Anyway pure shattered and stressed, and my usual lunch companion is on hols, so I’m going to go for lunch on my own to stereo and have a big hot bowl of lentil dhal and a flatbread and a large glass of red wine and read my kindle. In fact I might go now.

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Currently typing while munching through haddock and chips and peas. The secret is Worcester sauce rather than vinegar.

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Gonna be a pizza pilgrim i reckon

Veggie patty from Subbers. Ok/10

Leftover butternut squash/lentil casserole/stew thing.

Korean chicken stew from a random stall in Petticoat Lane.

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