The Mae Shi Legacy

This is me in the blue jumper and my mate Dave!

I had the poster for that gig on my wall too, might even have the A3 PDF of it somewhere if you want to get it printed yourself?

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Sure, if you ever find the pdf then PM me - would love a copy of that

Superb band. HILLLYH is such a good album. Still gets a spin every now and again.

A band of mine supported them in Liverpool whenever the tour for that album was, guessing around 2007 / 2008. My flatmate was a promoter at the time and put the gig on, and we put the band up in our place for the night. Was loads of fun. The drummer had an MP3 recorder/dictaphone thingy and stood at back recording the whole night, support bands and all, and shared them all out afterwards. Top guy. Can’t remember his name, but his other band was called Bad Dudes. Decent.

Tim was in the middle of an illness ( a fact which was absolutely not apparent given his antics during the show) and he asked if we had any painkillers to sort his banging headache out, and he was given some co-codamol. Still remember his astonishment when he found out you could just buy codeine over the counter in the UK. I got back to our flat about 4am after some serious partying to find him absolutely out-cold on the sofa in the living room. Think that sorted him out for the rest of the tour.

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