The Magnetic Fields

it’s not like it’s going to be any good anyway

new version of album is released where each song now lasts twice as long

early reviews are very positive. it’s streaming up there ^ but i haven’t had a chance to listen yet, might shove it on in a minute

I bought it yesterday, £29.99 from hmv. Haven’t bought anything from hmv in years, and wasn’t sure if they’d have it, but they had one solitary copy hidden away.

It’s worth the money - the length of three normal albums I guess. The packaging is nice, and the lyric booklet is very nice, with a very long Stephin interview discussing all of the songs which was a great read.

I somehow missed the last magnetic fields album (so will need to investigate that), but hadn’t been that impressed with the few albums before that one. This on is definitely up to 69 Love Songs quality anyhow - lots of good songs and lyrics and varied sounds/music due to his instrumentation usages. Looking forward to listening more and finding my favourite songs and favourite disc number (4 currently).

Re: Love at the Bottom of the Sea - you only really need Andrew in Drag and Infatuation from that one

Ok, thanks - I won’t make it a priority to rush out and buy it just yet then!

My Google Play subscription has only 16 songs of the album to download. From what I’ve heard so far it’s a brilliant album. I haven’t bought a CD in a year or two. I’ll make an exception for this one.

Massive improvement on the last three records.

Hooray, someone else really rates Distortion!


Used to be obsessed with the Magnetic Fields then kind of stopped paying attention to them for some reason after Distortion. The new tracks sounded promising so looking forward to giving this a shot.

Too many favourites from the early stuff, but I’ll go for:

It was all on Spotify for about 4 hours on Friday but has now gone, anyone know why?

You’ll get so much more out of it with the sleevenotes, which explain the background to a lot of the songs

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I’m not sure you even need those. A complete nothing of an album.

Listened to Distortion again for the first time in years a few days ago and it really stands up. The production is still uncomfortable at times but stuff like Too Drunk To Dream and Please Stop Dancing are still great.

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shrugs I think those songs are really great. If they ever did a Best Of for the band I’d have them on there

Fair enough. I think the lack of a concept really does for that album. I was about to give up on them, but the positive noises about the new album are going to draw me back in, I think

Disc 4 is definitely the best.

New album being played over 2 nights at the Barbican

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Thanks for the heads up. Despite being a huge fan I don’t fancy two Barbican gigs in a row. I managed front row centre seats for the second show on Sunday.

The CDs came through via Amazon just now. A brilliant album and a lovely physical product.