The Magnetic Fields


The CDs came through via Amazon just now. A brilliant album and a lovely physical product.


Mrs JH loves The Magnetic Fields. She asked if they’d ever played Bristol, which I googled and was surprised to hear they are playing two nights, in autumn. Same time as we are at End of the Road (where I had predicted they would crop up - still not impossible).

Bit annoying.


Anyone been holding out on buying? Nonesuch are doing a 24 hour 50% discount right now, which puts the 5LP set at under £50 including postage, and about £25 for the CDs.


MIssed this thread somehow, this album is incredible, easily my favourite this year, prefer it to 69 love songs even (it’s no the gothic archies though). Going to both Brighton shows with no way of getting home, adventure


Cheers for this, payday purchase tomorrow


Damn. I would have got this in a heartbeat - if I hadn’t pre ordered it at £80 (still never heard it on a turntable. Fantastic album tho)


I heard 50 Song Memoir when released. Thought it was good but not great. I’ve got their two gigs when they do the album in full in a few weeks and gave it more listens; gets better. A very good album.

But not a patch on 69 Love Songs.


Saw the two Dublin shows this week. Great stuff. Merritt on top form. Entirely new live band but everything was spot on and his introductions to songs was pretty interesting/funny.


How long were the shows roughly? Did his introductions pad the evening out a lot? The seats at The Barbican literally are a pain in the arse after a while.


Assume there’s a fair pit of padding and each night has an interval too but Stephen’s ramblings are largely my favourite bits of MF gigs. Looking forward to the Barbican.

Been listening to this loads recently and Danceteria has crept on me as a firm fave.


How I Failed Ethics is Stephen’s song writing at his very best. Simply brilliant.

I always look forward to MF gigs. Are you going to both Barbican shows too?


Yep, same seat and everything. Cosy.


Different seats for me. I thought I’d change it up…actually I hesitated whether to go twice because of cost and so got different seats. Front stalls for both so I can’t complain.

Have a duo of concerts.


Onstage at 8pm both nights and done before 10. No support, about a 15 minute interval at the midpoint both nights. His introductions are fairly short and concise, wouldn’t be surprised if they were scripted tbf. On the first night he only went off-piste once to berate someone in the front row whose mobile phone was annoying him - so fair play!


Cheers. Shit pubs around The Barbican and so I’ll be able to get some final ones elsewhere with ease.


Have a good* duo of concerts.


Really hope this is the same in Brighton as I will actually be able to make it home



special ticket offer: get 2 tickets for £24 for either night
by quoting MFHALF online, over the phone or in person


Great evening. Enjoyed it far better live than on album. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Back of my head also visible in this picture. Spot me!

Very much agree about it making more sense live. The context given made the songs make sense. That said, I haven’t read through the note book that came with the record. Tonight made me think I should be thinking of the whole thing as a whole more.

Gig was charming as hell, obviously.