The Magnetic Fields


Really good, looking forward to tonight. Barbican’s wine is very moreish.


Gives me anxiety even just considering tackling 50 Song Memoir - there are still tunes on 69 Love Songs I haven’t heard!

Get Lost is probably my favourite Magnetic Fields. I like the Kraftwerkesque cover.


69 Love Songs took me a few months to listen to but years of really getting into it. Absolutely love that album. It’ll be in my top five of all time.

69 Love Songs was released in the CD days before mp3/streaming etc. I tended to really listen the hell out of albums that I bought and recent releases back then. I subscribe to Google Play and download more albums than I can listen to. It’s sort of “harder” to get through new albums now but many that I download simply don’t get the listening time that they deserve.


In fact it’s only the two Barbican shows that made me focus listening on 50 Song Memoir. I gave it a listen when it came out, liked it but left it. I was gladly “forced” to go back to it as I’m seeing them twice. Absolutely love this album on repeat listens. Really looking forward to night’s.

Have a great gig everyone’s that’s going.


I didn’t realise that it’s essentially Merrit with a backing band now. I did miss Claudia a bit.


Claudia and Merritt have a brilliant stage rapport and sort of checks him in check. I miss her. I didn’t realise Shirley Simms was there until she came from the back of the stage. (I didn’t read the programme sheet.)


I think 50 songs is surprisingly easy to get into, usually there are songs towards the end of long albums that I rarely get to, but with this one I became familiar with the whole thing pretty quickly. The last two songs are amongst my favourites on it


I went to both Brighton shows, really enjoyed it, optimum gig format with the early start, seats, intermission, shame it seemed very undersold. One thing I didn’t like so much was how the room set obscured the other musicians, I get that the focus is on him with that album, but it was a bit weird not being able to see some of them, and I’m always curious about the instruments people are playing and stuff


The Barbican program mentioned this, they may not have stated it in Brighton, but because of Merritt’s ear issues, he needs it to reduce the noise pressure on him. You could tell at many points last night (applause at the end) that he was really uncomfortable with the noise. Suspect that’s why he ran out at the intermission too.


ah right, that’s fair enough, I did notice how he was wincing at the clapping. Don’t think there was a program in brighton, or I didn’t see them


When I saw them in 2008, Claudia asked the audience to click their fingers rather than applaud for that reason. Not sure why they don’t still do that.



I enjoyed the first gig last night, especially his little stories in between the songs, but I think I realised that there’s only a handful of songs I like from the first 2.5 CDs. Listening to the remaining songs in advance of tonight’s gig, and remembering how much better the 4th cd is.
Not looking forward to the first song tonight, for 1991, as that is just such an awful song. Although it may be a bit more entertaining live.


She was the band’s manager. I’m not sure if she still is.


For “symmetry” I’ll post this.

Great weekend. I live a pretty boring existence and a weekend of The Magnetic Fields made this weekend a highlight of the year.


Yeah she’s still down as manager in the show notes.

Loved last night, think the second half of the record is stronger anyway so not a surprise but Ghosts Of The Marathon Dancers, Be True to Your Bar and Lovers Lies were especially wonderful and nicely exorcised some major Sunday blues.


I thought both shows were wonderful and really made the album make a lot more sense.

Ghosts of the Marathon Dancers was beautiful.


Definitely saw a few people in tears for I Wish I Had Pictures. I may have been one of them.


Also, my partner spent all of last night looking up jobs in New York after the show.