The Main Football Thread - Early Autumn

Wolves - Man City
Arsenal - West Ham
Wigs - Richarlison
Huddersfield - Cardiff
Hughes - Whispers
Liverpool - Brighton

Watford - Palace
Fulham - Burnley
Ashley - Brexit

United - Spurs

These are the Football Premier League fixtures for this bank holiday weekend.

Good morning parsephone

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Well up for Claude’s Revenge

Reckon Leeds will get something from @Severed799 s boys today (1-1)

good to see the Premier League bigwigs finally consider tha fans and make the Monday KO a London derby

Frankie Lampard’s youngsters at home to Preston today. Expecting a tough match tbqh; Alex Neil is no mug and they will set up to make it tough for us. Would obviously love a win, think a draw is more realistic

Fulham are on the telly. Think it’s no exaggeration to say that if we lose we’ll definitely be relegated

Newcastle fans protesting Ashley again. Apparently they sold out of XL t-shirts first.

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Yeah, probably

think Leicester will win today, Southampton don’t look very convincing so far.

Why would someone pay to have more advertising applied to their clothing? Mad

Real Chelsea 2015 feel to Man Utd already. Obviously he can nip it in the bud with a few consecutive wins, but things’ll really crank up a few notches if they lose to Spurs.

Think people/media have a habit of buying too much into cycles and patterns, but sometimes history really does repeat itself.

I think he’ll be gone before Christmas

Q: What would you like to see against Spurs?

JM: I would like to play well and win.

Q: How do you do that?:

JM: To play well and win, don’t make mistakes, play well and win. That is what we want.

fascinating insight eh

Can’t really be arsed anti-bantsing today, maybe because it’s the early fixture and I’m very hung-over, maybe because I just think it’ll be a decent game. I’ve been impressed by Wolves every time I’ve seen them play recently and think they’ve been unlucky in both their previous fixtures. Pep will do summat like play Ederson up front so they should be able to create chances.

Good luck to all the lads today.

It’s a very, very weird thing isn’t it?


It does feel like it’s progressing into that toxic period of his reign that habitually occurs during the third season.

Still, I can see them beating us on Monday. Circle the wagons, park the bus and grind out a dreary one nil win after we’ve had all of the ball and most of the chances.


I think my football team will beat your football team. Happy now?

Anti-anti-bants. I like it!