The Maldives

Always thought they were somewhere near Portugal.

Next week: The Scilly Isles

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a holiday destination only chosen if you win it on an ITV gameshow

We’re top lads.

Me too.

When I first got a job in London, the agency I worked for celebrated by using up all the accrued 5 years of air miles to take the 20 or so of us there for 4 days. Everyone couldn’t believe it. I thought we were just going to somewhere shit near Spain, TBH.

They were pretty nice, and I now realise how lucky I was to go there, and how unlucky all the honeymooning couples were to have us descend on their dream getaway.

Though I would rather revisit about 100 places I’ve been in my life over ever going back there, mind.

They’ve got a shit bust of CR7 at the airport there, haven’t they?

great band

That’s Madeira.

It is quite expensive to go there, yes.


I went when I was maybe 17 and did loads of diving and it was possibly the best week of my life. There was a big tarantula in my bedroom one night also

No that’s a cake

Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles makes me think of wedding couples. And families who boast about their expensive holidays.

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No that’s Dundee

Came in to say that ^these three places are all the same place in my mind…

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Yeah I wonder what % of the Maldives’ western tourist $ is generated by honeymooning couples. Must be 90%.

no, that’s someone who’s just finished chapter four of the dictionary




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My work was a bit quiet during July & August so I practised the Sporcle ‘name all the countries in the world in 15 minutes quiz’ once a day until I’d perfected it. Just had another go for the first time in over a month, and I got 196/197, so if anyone has any questions about any countries and where they are, feel free to fire them through (Grenada excepted).


Dunno… we went for our honeymoon after touring Sri Lanka and quite a lot of older people there as well as people going for the diving etc.

Amazing place. Sad that it’s likely not to exist any more in a few generations.