The Maldives


Always thought they were somewhere near Portugal.

Next week: The Scilly Isles


a holiday destination only chosen if you win it on an ITV gameshow


We’re top lads.


Me too.

When I first got a job in London, the agency I worked for celebrated by using up all the accrued 5 years of air miles to take the 20 or so of us there for 4 days. Everyone couldn’t believe it. I thought we were just going to somewhere shit near Spain, TBH.

They were pretty nice, and I now realise how lucky I was to go there, and how unlucky all the honeymooning couples were to have us descend on their dream getaway.

Though I would rather revisit about 100 places I’ve been in my life over ever going back there, mind.


They’ve got a shit bust of CR7 at the airport there, haven’t they?


great band


my colleague is from Maldives

she doesn’t called it The Maldives, just Maldives

They just had a general election and the new government is supposed to be a lot better than the old one


The Maldive peaches


The Republic of Maldives


That’s Madeira.


It is quite expensive to go there, yes.


I went when I was maybe 17 and did loads of diving and it was possibly the best week of my life. There was a big tarantula in my bedroom one night also


No that’s a cake




Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles makes me think of wedding couples. And families who boast about their expensive holidays.


No that’s Dundee


Came in to say that ^these three places are all the same place in my mind…




Yeah I wonder what % of the Maldives’ western tourist $ is generated by honeymooning couples. Must be 90%.


no, that’s someone who’s just finished chapter four of the dictionary