The Mandalorian & Book of Fett (S3 from Post 1283)

further nerdery

incidentally sabine ren will no doubt be in the ahsoka show


She’s already been cast, filmed the show, and has been doing photoshoots and interviews for the best part of a year, so it’s not a spoiler!:


ah cool, must have missed that! she even looks like sabine too, she’s got the same shaped face and everything :grinning:

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I liked one of the Imperial themes reworked as a fairground bop in that scene

It was the Resistance theme from the new Trilogy apparently

Aaah yes cheers.
Had it in my head in the way into work. Thought it was a new one but couldn’t place it

Dean Cundey cameo FTW (he was the magician at the carnival).