The Mandalorian

The new series will. Think Netflix had the rights to Clone Wars recently but not so sure.
Pretty easy to find them anyway.

If anyone wants to watch some Clone Wras before the new season but want to stick to best eps and/or shorten the viewing here is a good guide.
I’d also chuck in the Yoda arch from Season 6/Lost Missions as its class.

Rebels is only 3 seasons and not a lot of bad eps so may as well watch it all eh.

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This is essentially Star Wars distilled innit

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Watched the first episode. Didn’t think it was any good apart from baby yoda’s little hand.

I’m still not sure why they’ve handed Star Wars to people like Jon Favreau and JJ and the dinosaur people.

Quite a good background read on the darksabre:

There is also a tannoy announcement for “General Syndulla” in the Yavin 4 scenes. Very exciting!

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I want a Rebelas sequel series that catches up with a grown up Jacen also I think ezra and thrawn were headed into the unknown regions so I would love to see what the heck happens there, imagine if Ezra was Reys dad!

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Rumoured to already be in production

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Finally watched the last episode. Loads of great stuff but I think I almost cried at gondolier artoo unit :heart_eyes:.


Nice long feature (and cover image) within Empire this month :+1:

theyve given mando the wrong armour!

Just read that Disney+ are releasing this weekly when it starts next month. Absolute weirdos.

That’s what they did out here when it launched. I guess the logic is that Disney is such a big name and has such popular IP that they’ll attract lots of people who don’t understand how torrents work.

I mean, it makes perfect sense theoretically, but it’s such an odd choice given how the world actually works.



There’s been no concrete confirmation of this - great casting if true, and Disney/LFL will be pissed at such a leak, but nothing has been corroborated other than a journalist saying he’s heard from ‘sources’.

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Watched the first two eps on Disney+. Not hugely impressed tbh, just one of those old plotless fan films people used to make but with a higher budget. Mute, uninteresting characters just going and seeing stuff you remember from Star Wars. Reckon Disney completely fluked it with The Last Jedi and this will be all the Star Wars stuff they make from now on.

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I would say it definitely improves as it goes along. The first three episodes are a bit of a slog. Worth waiting til the end.

Basically just wait til it’s all there and binge.

I’m not a binger tbqh, and I can’t say I don’t enjoy watching it, just been a bit disappointed with how hollow it’s seemed so far. I wonder if they actually adapted this from the cancelled Boba Fett video game from a few years ago, because it seems like this would make a very good video game. Silent protagonist with very defined skill set and can singlehandedly waste hordes of enemies, lots of action set pieces and quests, very little plot to have to worry about.

I do like his ship. All of the vehicle designs in the Disney era have been complete cock, so this is nice to see. Think I could even be tempted to buy the Lego set of it.

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