The Mandalorian

Class episode


I’ve just paused about two minutes into the new episode to come here and say FUCK YEAH


Michael Biehn :smiley:

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Got to be honest I didn’t quite like that as much as I thought I would after the cold open:

Glad Ahsoka was in the entire episode rather than teased at the end. I don’t know it felt anti-climatic almost and now there is a question of where does the show go from here on a grander scale. I wasn’t disappointed just a bit, now what. Seemed more of an Easter egg episode than the 1st episode of this series.

Might need another go at this episode.


Thought Ashoka Tano looked quite silly in live action. Looked a bit like cosplay.

A lot of stuff carried over from the cartoons again this week I am feeling out the loop.

Yeah the tentacles (is that even the right word?) looked very spongy.

Really enjoyed that.


And I know it’s basically fan service at this stage but my GF and I didn’t know who the Jedi was and we were pretty happy with how the episode turned out. Thought it looked great, enjoyed the interactions between the Mandalorian, the Child and the Jedi, and we thought the fight at the end was class.

Top notch, more of that please.

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Another brilliant episode - two on the spin!

Thought Rosario Dawson did a fine job bringing Ashoka to life, and loved that the character was front and centre from the off. Got chills when she was reminiscing about Anakin.

What do we all think of Grogu? I think it could’ve been a lot worse so happy with that.

Nice tease of Thrawn and also, after Ashoka mentions about taking Grogu to the Seeing Table, might we even get a little cameo from one Luke Skywalker? After all, "there aren’t many Jedi left… ". N.B. If that happens, I hope Grogu isn’t one of the slaughtered pupils at his temple although that would put Ben Solo on par with his grandfather :rofl:


I enjoyed that. Don’t know the background to that character but recognised her. And she was wicked. Better than anyone in the new Trilogy.

Just wish she’d stuck around at the end for a few episodes. I kinda hate that they introduce these people and then they go. Why not have them travel together for 2 or 3 episodes, have a development arc and achieve something.

Anyway, great fun again. Looked and sounded great too. Lovely setting. 3 good episodes in a row now and feels like it’s hotting up.

Question about Thrawn. Is he in the cartoon too? I thought the trilogy of books he appeared in was considered non-canon now?

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He’s a very important character in Star Wars Rebels.

If you have seen Rebels:

I wonder how much longer they can put off the sequel series to Rebels it was rumoured to have been in development since that bobbins Star Wars Resistance ended. Particularly with that ending on a cliffhanger. Did enjoy the Owl being in the Mandalorian, love an Owl


Maybe I ought to watch these cartoon series. They sound better than the film’s tbf


As an episode of TV that was fantastic.

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When’s this all set in the SW timeline?

Crouching Jedi, Hidden Grogo

5 years after return of the jedi

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No themes, only lore.

I’ve figured where they got the plot for literally every episode tho:


Thank you Mando…

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Is Thrawn the name of the trilogy of books by Timothy Zahn? I bought the first one and haven’t read it yet

Yes, although Thrawn was created by Zahn for another trilogy that he wrote way back in the 90s, beginning with Heir to the Empire. None of that is canon anymore, but Lucasfilm/Disney did bring the character back for the Rebels cartoon and he’s since appeared in several other new stories.

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