The Mandalorian

I don’t know I thought it was really good for Star Wars. I think people over-intellectualise Star Wars these days.

Don’t think for a second that I’m defending the Rise of Skywalker though.


I’m not asking for intellectual stuff. My comments are all way back near the start of this thread but for all its other faults Discovery has ambition in its structure.

By the end of S2 Mando has achieved this IMO by drawing on older threads and integrating more into the world, but there’s still a lot of Tattooine etc.

RotS is silly but also huge fun IMO. Similar to RotJ, just large issues all through it but carried by snappy dialogue and actors still putting in good performances with their characters.

Couldn’t have said it better. If people think the acting and writing is bad in this I’d hate to hear what they think of literally every Star Wars movie

I like the sequels though, so what do I know

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I think the acting and in general the writing is good. It’s just very Saturday evening episodic telly, very narrowly focused.

I think it just isn’t what most people going into it expected.

That’s fair enough, can’t really argue with that - just feel some of the negative descriptions are way over the top! It has a simple formula and isn’t going to be for everyone but I definitely think it would be unfair to say either season is dreadful

I absolutely agree with you that people over intellectualise Star Wars, and I don’t expect it to be The Wire, but so far (up to episode 6 of series 1) it just seems incredibly lazy.

Sounds like it starts pulling together into a more coherent story in season 2, but the episodic structure so far feels really outdated. It reminds me of 90s weekend drama before people realised that TV could be more ambitious and reach for something more interesting.

And just because the concept is a bit of daft fun doesn’t mean it can’t also be well written or scripted, particularly given the budget and talent involved. This is the flagship show of the world’s biggest entertainment company’s new streaming service, so I was hoping for something that aimed a bit higher than Walker, Texas Ranger but in in space.

Still hopeful that it will come together and find its feet a bit in the last couple of episodes of S1 or S2, as the first season of a show can often be a little shaky.

I dunno, maybe I’m less forgiving because although I’ve always liked sci-fi, I’ve never been a particular ‘fan’ of Star Wars. I like it, but I don’t have the same sense of affection for it that a lot of people do.

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The Mandalorian’s downfall is that it’s just a wee bit too videogamey innit. Self-contained TV episodes are great but when you wait all week for an episode that’s just the gang shooting stormtroopers in a corridor, and then a crumb of lore they lifted from the Clone Wars, it feels a bit lame imo. Suits binge watching really well though. There’s also the heavy use of CGI soundstages, which gives it a bit of a bland, uniform look. It’s good tho, Pedro Pascal is just amazing given what he has to work with, and the music is always brilliant.