The Mango's going abroad

For a wedding, so naturally I bought a suit from TK Max. It cost a ton ( 100quid to you non cockneys)! Its made from wool and looks good but is made very poorly and a bit tight, I cant take it back and I just found out its going to be 30c+ at the wedding. Do I wear the suit and look good but suffer? Or do I go looking scruffy and work the whole white cotton bohemian look maaaan thus making the suit a waste?

I went full suit for a wedding in Leipzig when it was 35 degrees.

It was unpleasant.

I have a friend who wore a wool three-piece to a pal’s wedding on a 30 degree day, he didn’t enjoy the experience.

I wouldn’t say we’re friends, more casual internet acquaintances.

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Damn it what am I going to do with this suit!

Here’s me in Madeira wearing a navy wool suit in 30 degree heat. I looked good but I was dying inside:


Cut off the sleeves and the bottom of the trousers and wear it as a wool-suit-shorts-and-vest type of deal

Wear the suit, but stay at home and link up with the wedding via skype.

take it back and go man from del monte style

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The man from del monte is my nemesis he’s all but ruined the mango trade, never mention his name again. Also I cant take it back!

cut the bottoms off the legs and arms and make shorts?

Should I buy some chinos, they don’t strike me as being very light though?

And its further expense

That is cut very nicely across your shoulders :ok_hand:

Thanks man! Off the peg that too.

Have we done a suits thread in recent memory?

Not on #newdis I don’t think.

Alright, gimme a moment

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