The Mars Volta... are back!!! - Self-titled album out 16/09

This is great. Gonna be top 5 of the year for me easily

I too would like to register my interest in having this place well in my end of year list. I don’t think they’ve had this level of quality control since deloused, even if it lacks the highs of FTM and perhaps Bedlam.

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I’m really, really looking forward to listening to this tomorrow night, going to actually take the time to do it properly rather than fitting it in around other stuff

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can anyone who can stand zane lowe have a listen to this and relate any points of interest? TIA.

Setlist from the first show back :open_mouth:


Woof. See you in the pit!!

the youtube videos are… less good :grimacing: but aye i’ll still probably go

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Oaft, hopefully they do a full UK tour! Or at least Scotland in some way :smiley:

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feel like they’re gonna play brixton academy which would fucking suck.

pleeeeeease headline ArcTanGent guys, they play all your albums at the silent disco AND have a stage named after you (well, Cedric)!


I got my timelines wrong and thought Slowdive was before Night Thoughts. Right you are

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one of the worst times seeing them at brixton, such a bass trap in there

are they still that big though? smaller venues would be :drooling_face:

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I don’t know why I’m surprised but I can’t get over how catchy these songs are. Last night Graveyard Love was playing in my actual dreams.

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Some clippings all in one place.

For me, there’s been quite a remarkable shift from being slightly underwhelmed on first listen (after being so excited for a new TMV album) to the current level of impressedness after several more focussed listens.

reslly hope they bring Teri as support if/when they come over here.

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Story time while I relisten to this.

I was 14 years old when Deloused came out and, off the back of an effusive Q review (unheard of, I know), I decided I’d buy it with my pocket money without hearing it (as was the fashion at the time).

Went up to the counter of HMV and the cool twentysomething guy working there said with no small amount of kind concern in his voice, “y’know, this is pretty out there, right? If you don’t like it, you can always bring it back.” I think I said “thanks but I’ll be fine.”

Didn’t bring it back.


Was ready to crack up expecting the last line to be “Took it back the next day.”



Saw the setlist – so happy. The good old stuff.

Watched the videos – sounds like a Mars Volta tribute act.

I miss energy.

there are some from way wide of the stage that sound terrible but the ones closer up like the l’via one sounded much better. a lot of ‘cedric is back on form!!!’ comments though and… :grimacing: