The Mars Volta due a reappraisal?



So in my eyes, no reappraisal needed, they’re one of my all-time favourite bands. I find it strange how disliked they are on here tbh, amongst music-loving folk, but each to their own.


theres 4 or 5 belters, mainly due to the lack of vocals. some went on to be recorded fully… clouds and molochwalker spring to mind…


I just don’t need twenty minutes of half baked guitar adlibs with nonsense jungle sounds.


Lots of people here like post-punk and post-hardcore. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it does tend to make one rather averse to noodling.

“Noodling” is one of those words with negative connotations, but I’ve embraced it because a) I really like bands who do and b) I really like noodles.


i wouldn’t change a thing about frances the mute tbh. put the title track on first and can easily listen to the whole 90 minutes and every bird chirp and guitar woozle.



Yeah, I mean I’ve down that many times, but before spotify destroyed my attention span.


Here’s a playlist

It’s loosely ordered, I literally just knocked it out. Stuff from all albums too, including the first two, as I want to listen to it now.

I didn’t put the bulk of Frances the Mute on as that really needs to be listened to in one go, in order, and you’ve heard it anyway. Would still recommend revisiting it, it’s fucking brilliant.




Hope this works! If you’re going to listen, do so with shuffle enabled.


Well that didn’t work at all did it. How do you share playlists?!


Oh, Steve’s done one. I’ll be over here!


Just go to ‘share’ and click copy link to clipboard.


I did, and look at the state of the URL it gave me!



the way this song explodes at the start :grin:


Yep. Annoyingly not on Spotify.


I love those horrendously messy early performances where omar would scream in spanish in the middle. Just total junkie twats :smiley:


They’re no Omar Rodriguez-Lopez tbh.


Same with me, unfortunately


only put out 6 albums in 10 years! what a joke