The Mars Volta due a reappraisal?



Just seen your vote. You love day of the baphomets m8


Without them we wouldn’t have this:


or this


Wow. There’s a lot going on there.


I don’t know how much love there is here for Noctourniquet, but I’d like to offer up this almighty tune…

I wish I’d seen them more often. Roundhouse in July 2008 was one of my favourite gigs ever. Seem to remember upstairs being mostly empty though.


someone above mentioned that being their worst song :smiley: i quite liked noctourniquet at the time but it’s definitely faded over the years for me. in absentia is a great song though and was the highlight of the final show

loads of people walked out and cedric called them posers. gr8 show


for those who never bothered with all their albums, here’s a track off each of the later four that i think are mint


The Bedlam in Goliath





This is absolutely 100% their worst song. The only one from their entire discography that I simply cannot listen to.

The rest of the album’s great though!


think most people would say


For some reason I’d completely forgotten about Noctourniquet. I think I was pretty nonplussed on first listen and never went back. I’ll give it another go this weekend.


did a good Nardwuar interview

saw TMV follow the Thrills at Leeds Fest (2003)


I voted for Deloused and Frances the Mute as I could never really get in to any of their other stuff after I left university and lost the opportunity to really spend time getting in to their other records. Loved FTM though, I’ve got The Widow picture disk lying around somewhere, it’s a real beauty and the B-side (the title track) is brilliant.

Anyway, for a bit of wet blanket who was still feeling his way around ‘alternative’ music at that time they really opened up the world of weird, difficult music to me so they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

As an aside, never had much luck trying to see them live, the first time (Brixton) they came on late and we had to leave after half an hour to get the train back to our squalid university town, the second time (Somerset House) they cancelled and the last time (Brixton again) I got chucked out after 20 minutes for smoking.

This is later era and as good as anything they ever did…

p.s. I hate ATDI




Ya daft wally. I was at brixton i think in 2008 or 9 and it was one of the worst times i saw them. Muddy sound and the jams were all a bit bland and uninspired. Cedric was really going for it but just felt a bit like nothing really worked that well.


I know, I know. I was young(ish). Looking back now it was actually pretty funny.


I saw them a few times. The best was in London (Wembley Arena?). They were supporting the Chili Peppers, and I’d never heard of them. These little cards were being handed out beforehand (as with a lot of support - always ignored), but me and my mate were all “oh cool, it’s Omar and Cedric from At The Drive-In”.

Anyway, they were fucking immense. Then the Chili Peppers happened :unamused:

Went home and pre-ordered De-Loused and got that Tremulant EP.


Manchester Apollo on the Goliath tour - amazing setlist, onstage for nearly three hours, incredible jams (the guitar solo on Roulette Dares could have gone on forever!) but the crowd was AWFUL. A lot of people completely lost interest after the first hour or so and started talking among themselves. What were they expecting?


The guys I was with (who weren’t frogmarched out the door) left after 45 mins as well, I like to think in solidarity at my (not) shabby treatment but I think they just found it too much of a slog.


Best i ever saw them was manc apollo in 05. All the frances stuff was fresh as fuck and they jist ripped for three hours.