The Mars Volta due a reappraisal?



There must be some high quality Mars Volta live bootlegs out there.


Me and @Matt_was_taken used to be a forum that traded them. Very mixed bag in terms of quality as youd expect but there some good ones. One time i made a frances the mute live set out of them but it’s long gone by now.


A reappraisal is on the way since the last ATDI is such a deceptive mess. I highly doubt anyone here will listen to it more than five times.

De-loused is their best by far, of course. I saw them live just a few weeks before its release and they were like a bunch a of manic rioters surging out from another galaxy.

Octahedron doesn’t get a lot of recognition. It isn’t half bad though.


I would be beholden to you if you could find any in your archives. Wish I had something to offer in exchange!

I’ve no qualms when it comes to quality. Some of the Grateful Dead bootlegs in my library (I have a library) sound awful, but they’re still fun to listen to.


i’ll have a hunt but think it’s unlikely. matt might still have some? some of em may still even be up on the comatorium, dunno.



Deloused and Frances are great, but I’m going to talk about Bedlam and Noctourniquet since they rarely get any attention.

Bedlam in Goliath is just nuts. It should be illegal to drive to, and if you’re a runner you’ll set personal bests with it on. The second half of “Goliath” might be the single craziest thing ever recorded in studio, it’s just pure focused energy. And “Metatron” and “Cavalettas” never get enough credit. “Metatron” is so all over the place but it’s not excessive at all and every transition is clearly thought out.

Noctourniquet for some reason seems to be viewed by a lot of people as a throwaway album, but I’ve always thought it was fantastic and one of the best few albums of 2012. Sometimes I think it might even be their most consistent start to finish, though it doesn’t really have the “oh my god” peaks of some of the others. Every song is great (with the exception of “Imago” maybe). As other people have been saying, “In Absentia” is incredible, and “Vedamalady” might be the most beautiful song they’ve ever done. I’ve always really liked “Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sounds” too, and since “In Absentia” was already posted I’ll thrown in “Dyslexicon” (love that disorienting combination of the overly busy drums behind the kind of weird, detached, relatively laid back music and vocals). (And I’m firmly in “‘The Whip Hand’ is great” camp.)

Great, great band. I’d love for a reunion (when I saw this thread initially I thought that’s what had happened),


No idea to be completely humble. Next time i turn my laptop on and I’ll try and remember to have a look about.


That’s fine. I’ll keep listening to it, so you don’t have to. It’s really no bother.


I have a strange condition whereby if I’m going to listen to an album, I MUST listen to it in full. I’m not a track-skipper. If I ever want to listen to that album, I HAVE to hear that song.

Maybe it’ll grow on me one day.


the only albums they have that bug me are Bedlam (awful mixing and production on what are very well written songs) and AMP (about half of it is repetitive and Cedric’s vocals get too nasal at times. Half of it still very good).

Frances is a classic
Deloused is not far behind Frances
Noct: many people hate, but I found it refreshing and very memorable.
Octahedron, while more stripped down, still works on some levels
Tremulant, enjoyable, but not huge expectations for a debut EP.




don’t find their brand of noodling very interesting and don’t think they have a good ear for melody underneath it really. They were fun for a while and had some good ideas, not terrible by any means.

plus for me they are associated with a really cringey time of being impressed with/showing off by playing weird time signatures.


I think those shows with RHCP were at Docklands, if it’s the same ones I went to (By The Way tour). Just remember loads of people being very angrily confused about the immense noise that they were confronted with. I didn’t get it then, particularly, but within a year or so I was kicking myself for not being more appreciative.


I like the first two albs and the other ones w Thomas pridgen on the drums, cos like



think this is one of their worst performances tbh, they were awful live around this time, especially cedric


This was a good gig. This was with their original bassist Eva Gardener.


Pridgen tho


needs to tune his snare down, man. sounds a frying pan, and it’s especially grating when he plays it 12 times in every bar.


helps drown out Cedric’s vocals tho