The Mars Volta due a reappraisal?



With the band currently not being active, does anyone have any recommendations that would fill the void? Are there any other groups making albums as massive and focused as Frances the Mute?


Kaya Dot


think they’re called ‘the Kayas’ mate


nothing that quite scratches the same itch but some big sprawling epics from the last 5 or so years:

Circle Takes the Square - Decompositions
Kayo Dot - Hubardo
Prurient - Frozen Niagara Falls
Oxbow - The Thin Black Duke
WITTR - Celestial Lineage
The Drones - I Sea Seaweed
Locrian - Return to Annihilation


The Dear Hunter.


Just wanna say how jealous I am of pnikkers seeing them play deloused, bloody love that album


there’s a pretty good bootleg of that same tour where they played all of deloused, recorded at the electric ballroom


Video of it somewhere too


the main thing i remember is the shot of the kid in the crowd singing his little heart out to televators and getting the lyrics wrong. bet he’s a DiSer.


:smile: smashing pumpkins shirt too


Fucking brilliant :joy:


Oh yeah Mutyumu’s “il y a” too



Tough to scratch the Mars Volta itch, but if you like Pridgen’s drumming I’d recommend The Memorials. Some of it is quite Volta-esque too (see the second track below).

I like them a lot.


“Il y a” is a fantastic album


It’s just occurred to me that 21st century Rush sound a lot like latter day Mars Volta.

Geddy’s voice now sounds a LOT like Cedric’s:


Deantoni Parks is touring, might check that out


This is the (vague) news. Or maybe it isn’t. I think I’d very much like it to be.


I’ve only heard Frances the Mute, and that was only because I had to hear what all the fuss was about. Afraid it didn’t click. I gave it two full listens right through, as I thought there must have been something I missed the first time, but still nothing.


I hope it happens, it feels like every day I’m frustrated I don’t have more Mars Volta to listen to. Hopefully they can recapture the magic, which I think they absolutely still had for Noctourniquet. I think this reunion would be more successful and feel more natural than the ATDI one - after a decade of Mars Volta, going back to ATDI style was always to some degree going to feel like putting on an act.