The Masked Singer (ITV)

What am I even watching. Starting this thread for all those who are on this journey, willingly or otherwise, and to guess who you think people are.

I think Daisy might be Lulu. And the one before that maybe Nicole Sherzinfer?

The TV is watching it. I am baffled and bored.

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This about Mushroomhead?


Seen both episodes so far. :eyes:

I was made to watch this for all of 10 minutes last night. It was enough.

Looks very furry influenced. Particularly that unicorn.

Tree = Peter Crouch

This is adapted from a korean show of the same name which is amazing (some kpop idols dont get to show off their vocal range in groups so this show is a great way for them to shine) will watch now and report back

This emperor is actually gonna be Ed Balls

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I mean pharoah

Fucking hell

The Aussie one was so shit

There is a lot of drugs in the television industry isn’t there.


Ugh my brain



saw a bit of this - complete shit
I’d be quite into it if it wasn’t as drawn out, I want to know who they are pretty much straight away, not one reveal each episode. The stakes are not high enough to draw out over a whole series (I have no idea how long it goes on for), like no one ACTUALLY gives a shit do they, so theres no tension or shock is there?
also, the ad breaks - ‘the person in the bottom two is… REVEALED AFTER THE BREAK!!!’‘’ - who gives a shit? I’m not going to stay tuned in too see if mr duck or unicorn prick is going to be in the bottom, who cares?

don’t like the American guy whoever the hell he is, he obviously isn’t going to know anyone at all.
the panel are just a stupid edition really, like there is no reason any of them are going to have a better guess than anyone else, why are they there? they have no idea who anyone is.

I also very much didn’t like the way the audience claps when one of the panel makes a total shot in the dark suggestion - what are you clapping for? you don’t know if its right or not, just clapping random suggestions? fuck that.

its terrible. Not mad enough either really.

I only lasted about 15 minutes I think, maybe it got really good after that

The single most insane guess I’ve ever seen on anything - after the pharaoh sang (badly) Rita Ora said Rod Stewart, you’ll have to watch it to understand how bad that guess was.

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Okay so octopus is melinder messenger or Jodie marsh
Tree is Peter crouch or Jamie redknapp
Fox is Denise Van outen

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Seal did the US version, what

He was some sort of cat apparently.