🏌 The Masters 2021 ⛳

Think we still have some golf fans on here. First major of the year, this Thursday. Will we be watching? Who do we like to win? Will @Funkhouser put his annual Justin Rose bet in this year? Chat away please.

also @moderators can we move this to the sports thread please. Still getting used to the new setup sorry!

It’s the most beautiful of golf courses and as such is my favourite golf major. Love the placing in the year it takes, Winter is over, everything feels on the up, then, The Masters.

I hope Lee Westwood can finally get over the line. His form is good and he’s gone close recently so maybe he’ll find strength for his end game.

Not the most rock n’ roll of sports but in its really magical moments it can be totally compelling. I can’t watch as I have a crazy work schedule this week but will be checking the scores when I can.

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Btw really love where Westwood’s game is at right now. Great showing at the Players, course knowledge, always route for him to get that first major. Would be a great story, he’s very popular over here.

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Yes, he used to call into the record shop I worked in back in the 90’s. The shop owner was golf mad, they were friends and he used to call in and ask for him. I had no idea who he was. Always really polite and friendly. He must have been a pro then but I just didn’t realise. He’s a youthful 48 and although that’s old in golf terms - he’s in good shape and great form.

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Got absolutely zero general golf interest, but always enjoy The Masters when it’s on. Think it just has nice associations for me as a teenager, lounging around late at night half watching the round up show, half browsing dis, playing some guitar etc. Super mellow, so will always have a soft spot for it


Can associate with this. I used to work in a college and have this time of year off usually. I could happily sit and chill for 4 days solid and watch The Masters, you even get into silly things like the new daily golf wear they have changed into and it usually builds to a movie style ending. The Masters is sporting royalty, can’t watch it this year, but kind of love how mellow then - boom - exciting it can be.


I’m taking Webb Simpson in my fantasy golf league, one and done. Putting is a premium here and I’ve already used Justin Thomas (who will be up there). Speith a great story winning last week for his first tour win since 2017, always feared here. Can’t wait.

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Has it been that long spice Spieth won a major? Only seems like yesterday he was taking every major going. He’s a very likely winner I feel. I’ve got a sensible pound on both Westwood at 28/1 and Oosthuizen at 55/1 because, for no logical reason, I can’t stand him, so it’s kind of insurance, but he has the quality and pedigree to win.

Speiths last major win was 2017 at the Open Championship. But he hadn’t won on the PGA Tour since then. Until last week. Really struggled with his game for years.

Also here is Dustin Johnson’s Club Dinner menu this year. I’m hungry again.

I’m not going to google how old he is now but he must still be very young in golfing terms and I can see him winning for sure. Quite exciting with that new big hitting guy and the controversy around that. I forget his name, it’s going to be wide open.

Rose is synonymous with great starts then fading, I can see that happening again.

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Oh you mean this guy! Bryson is a beast.

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Yep, he’s a whole new curveball to golf and I feel they’ll try and put some kind of squeeze on his game but it does throw a new dimension into the game. would be great to see him in the final stages, right near the lead with someone who plays in total contrast.

Who was that american guy with the hair that’s won the golf a few years back?

Golf memories


Dunno, I’ll take your word for it. Seemed young. That’s the only time I’ve watched golf

He was very happy and good for him

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I wouldn’t call him young in golfing terms, so I’m prob wrong.

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Probably Bubba yeah, won in 2012 and 2014, got emotional. Great scenes.