The Mastodon Appreciation Thread


Peaked with Crack the Skye. Have a lot of time for these GBOL. What say you?


Riff city


Not as good as they were in the 2000s but I still like the last few albums


I really like Blood Mountain and Leviathan. I know fuck all about the band really other than I enjoy those two.


Blood Mountain through to Crack the Skye is all you really need to know. What’s come after is decent but those three are the nuts


mate if you’re gonna start a thread about mastodon, don’t leave out their best albums ffs


How have I left out any albums?


Leviathan came out before blood mountain


Oh shit you’re right… been a while I’ve forgotten the chronology. That comment needs corrected to Leviathan through to Crack the Skye


Remission is still very good though. Blood Mountain isn’t too great really. I like Crack the Skye but was definitely the last one worth bothering with.


Feel almost exactly the same. Remission has some great pummelling songs but Leviathan pisses all over it. Blood Mountain is very good but not amazing. CTS is fucking mint


The Czar and Ghost of Karelia :heart:


Crack the Skye is such a good album, saw it played live in its entirety and I had the best time. I used to listen to them all the time around 2007-2011


I saw them around that time while on holiday in Berlin and they absolutely destroyed! Can’t imagine them ever being anything other than amazing live no matter how long they are active tbh!


I only know Leviathan. I really enjoy that album


The Last Baron, the last Baron (noodly bit) :metal:


Get yer lugs wrapped around Crack the Skye, you will not be disappointed!


Crack the Skye is where they lost me tbh. Think March of the Fire Ants is everything I wanted from Mastodon in a single song.


The last baron is their best song imo and that’s saying a lot

Did anyone else get that free crack the Skye t-shirt that was going around in dis like nearly 10 years ago now


I actually got into them after seeing this cartoon and go ogling I think or someone telling me its origins.

I liked it at the time but now it reeks of disturbing friendzone/MRA shenanigans

Edit: very long image so you need to click to read it all and see the lyrics etc.