The Mastodon Appreciation Thread

I would also like to add that if any Mastodon fans (especially fans of Crack The Skye) here haven’t listened to the debut album by DVNE released last year, please do so immediately.

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oh and; Leviathan > Crack The Skye > Blood Mountain > Remission > The Hunter > Once More Around The Sun > Call of the Mastodon > Emperor of Sand (although I should give this another listen, only listened to it once and discounted it almost immediately)

Brann is the best singer as well.

Brent for me

The Last Baron might be the best song ever. Fight me


I thought these split up after crack the skye?

I loved them so much up to and including that album so much. When they played Mars Volta ATP (think it was that one) in the afternoon it was so good. one of my favourite times. Hearts Alive in particular.

If anyone fancies doing a post crack the skye playlist i’d give it a listen though…assume some of the songs must be alright…?

@Caedus check out the video in the post i’m replying to here

it’s the only thing i like post Crack the Skye

There’s plenty of good tracks post Crack the Skye tbf. It’s just there are only a small handful that don’t make you think, “I could be listening to Leviathan right now…”

Top 10 for sure for me i love it so much

“Crack The Skye is amazing, Remission has its moments, Leviathan is good, Blood Mountain drops off after the first drum fill (which is excellent)”

pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly so i thought i’d give the vid a go and, yeah pretty bostin’, Fair enjoyed that :+1:

Admittedly i’m pretty baked which may have helped also


They had Scott Kelly out on tour last time, and also shot this show at Blondies in Hackney with him. It’s a real good time.

For me, the only absolutely essential post-Crack the Skye bangers are:

Black Tongue
Dry Bone Valley
Tread Lightly
Sultan’s Curse

However I am also partial to the following, second-tier modern-era Mastodon tracks.

Curl of the Burl
Chimes At Midnight
Asleep In The Deep
Show Yourself

There’s plenty more off those 3 records I enjoy (The Hunter, The Sparrow, Once More Round The Sun, etc) but nothing I would rush to recommend.

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cheers man, i’ll stick them all in a playlist and have a listen.

Curl of the burl is such a ridiculous/great name

I’d add in Deathbound, one of the bonus tracks from The Hunter.
Aunt Lisa (gang vocal bit is cool)
The Motherload (awesome track)

But I’m a knob who likes their post Crack The Skye stuff best so what do I know.

I like The Motherload personally. Actually should probably have put it in my second tier list, on a par with Show Yourself but a little less poppy. Like Aunt Lisa too but in spite of the gang vocal bit! Sounds cool but the lyrics are corny af.

Need to check out Deathbound…

Really love Brann’s voice on The Motherload. Haha, yeah, I can see how Aunt Lisa would divide opinion, but I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

You need to watch the video for Deathbound for the full experience:

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Oh shit I’ve only ever listened to (and enjoyed The Hunter) doing myself a favour right now, back in a few hours

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Hadn’t listened to The Hunter and OMRTS in a good 5 years. Both are still feckin excellent!

Let’s see what Emperor of Sand is all about - think it’s the only one I’ve not listened to properly

The final Track - Jaguar God - is terrific imo :metal:

Didn’t get as far as that yesterday… I’ll chuck it on now