The Mastodon Appreciation Thread


Well that is a bloody great song. Took me a little while to get into Crack the Skye, it’s a bit prog, but it’s definitely their best in my eyes



How did you link Mastodon to that… I know the whale is linked to Leviathan but it’s a fair jump just from that image


Leviathan > Remission > Crack The Skye > Call of The Mastodon > > Blood Mountain > they have no other albums

I really like earlier Mastodon



Crack the Skye > Leviathan > Blood Mountain > The Hunter > Once More Round the Sun > Remission > the others I haven’t given much time to (heard their last EP was meant to be good but haven’t been arsed to check it yet)


Hearts Alive is their best song, easily.




Oh aye it’s up there. Not my personal fave but definitely one of the highlights of Leviathan


Alan Partridge

Stop getting Mastodon wrong


REO Speedwagon


I bloody love Mastodon, saw them once on every album tour from Remission to The Hunter. Reliably great every time although the Crack The Skye show at the Roundhouse was probably their peak for me.

When they played Southampton Guildhall a few years back I’d spent the afternoon pre drinking their Black Tongue IPA and had probably peaked a little early. Just before doors Brent Hinds was in the pub opposite the venue and in a moment of drunken confidence I approached him and gave a long rambling account about how good their set as a three piece at the Melvins / Mike Patton ATP was. About half way through I realised what an awful, pointless story it was and what a dick I was being, declared that it was “a funny old time though” and walked away before he could respond. Spent their set that night in happy tears after being asked to be best man for a pal moments before they came on. A good night I think.



great mastodon anecdote 10/10


Remission is their best album.

  • Remission
  • Leviathan
  • Crack the Skye

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Crack The Skye is amazing, Remission has its moments, Leviathan is good, Blood Mountain drops off after the first drum fill (which is excellent)

The Hunter onwards = nah


the artwork for Once More Round The Sun was amazing and while the studio version of this tune from The Hunter is a bit naff i like really this live version


This is probably my favourite music video of all time.


Crack The Skye was my go-to drive home from work album. I’ve always tried to enjoy their work with varying success but that whole album is their creative peak. Got some nice radio play too




I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I love their poppier side so I really really like The Hunter. I think everything they’ve done since Blood Mountain is gold though, apart from that EP last year which was a bit of a misstep. Emperor of Sand is magnificent.


I’ve got a really cool vinyl edition of this whose colour matches with the greens in the artwork. Lovely time.


I prefer The Hunter/Once More 'Round The Sun/Emperor of Sand era to the older stuff as well. Don’t give a shit if it’s a hot take either. Mastodon are brilliant.