The Meet Me In McDonalds haircut and Harringay ladder thread

Haven’t made one in ages.


What are your hopes for this thread?

my threads are usually just a chat with you Ant, which is reward in itself


just remembered I made a thread about chocolate spread only two days ago

Just put some washing out on the line. Not expecting it to dry, but it’s a sure sign spring is springing.

Very kindly thing to say.

I don’t want to overdo it, I don’t expect to get much out of starting a thread and I don’t get much, but your remarks fill the space between birth and death without making me feel negative so that’s good

That’s all anyone can do my friend, it’s all anyone can do.

what about people who have astounding achievements and records and stuff to their name?

I threw away my Record of Achievement a few months ago

Just fancied replying.

I was going to make a thread about a 6-8 year old giving me the threatening fist sign and pointing while I was in the car attending to my baby. Was a posh little shit. Was gonna ask what people would do, like say to the mum who was present at the time or ignore/do nothing but didn’t see it. But cba.

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why was he angry? this doesn’t sound like normal posh 6-8 year old behaviour

You should have flipped him off. That would be a really funny reaction to a 6-8 year old IMO


he thought I was looking at him, but I was turning round in the seat to look at the baby via the mirror. He should have been terrified, not give it the big I am! little prick!

I would have definitely tried to make him scared somehow.

I’m a thread poster and I’m here to say
I’m posting in this thread in a major way

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might see him again tomorrow. Goes to the school next to my son’s pre-school. Wouldnt be able to identify him though as kids all pretty much look the same don’t they? Will just flip the bird to loads of them and hope he is in the mix

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What is your son’s favourite food?

Hey @eems you seen there’s something called a “Meet Me at McDonald’s” haircut? Why do you think it’s called that?