The Meet Me In McDonalds haircut and Harringay ladder thread


He enjoys “Hot Donald’s” or McDonalds as it is known to me! Though, please, rest assured he does not usually go there more than once within the happy meal current promotional period and the rest of his diet is both healthy and nutritionally balanced!


Does he have a “Meet Me at McDonald’s” haircut?


Bit constipated today. Maybe I need to drink more water.


Or do more poos!

EDIT: Ignore this post


Or make more poopies!


Can’t believe I didn’t think of that.


Of course I haven’t.


What do you think about it?


my wife recently cut his hair and it now looks like a Paul Weller haircut. Is this the meet me in McDonald’s look?


I think it’s the reason we need to bring back national service/hanging/imperial weights and measures/blue passports


It could be for all I know!


This is a good and accurate satirical post


“Have you guys heard of this new haircut, Meet Me in McDonald’s? I don’t know about you guys but I think it should be called ‘Meet Me in the Barbers’ so we can get a sensible haircut!”


It’s fucking freezing outside! Of course it’s not going to dry you maniac


having recently googled this I like the hair do myself. It’s very Italia 90


Good thread. I’m meeting a mate for lunch and they’re 15 minutes late, pretty sure the staff think I’ve been stood up. It’s possible this is the case.


Very unusual name though eh



the name is fucking bilge


Would appreciate any RTs from the community on this to really get it off the ground, thanks