The Menu Thread

How many takeaway menus do you get through the door on an average week? I reckon about 5.

None because it’s not 1994, you prick



Where we are going there are no doors.


Indian this week.

Would you like me to send you some?


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Enjoyed this little edit history


Probably about 5 as well.

Good thread.

Urbanites too good for fucking menus, eh? Choke on your smog, you shits!

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How rude!

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No thanks.

Two (2)

Ringpiece off!


this week we’ve had an indian and a kebab place

I tried to watch the Premier League of Darts last night - no dice!

He’s a stupid Liverpool fan so I guess it might be down over the summer months. Will give him a nudge once the cricket starts.

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3-4. I do live close to a student area in leeds though

Friend I knew back in Bridgend once asked me what the “menu” button on his Nokia was actually supposed to mean.

He pronounced it “Men noo”.

It genuinely hadn’t registered in his head that it was the same word as the thing what they do give you in restaurants. He thought it was a Swedish word or something.


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