The Menzingers - After The Party

Out today. Does anyone like these here?

Punkish, Gaslight Anthem-esque bar rock with a wistful eye on the good old days. New album almost nudges them in a welcome Hold Steady direction.

On The Impossible Past is a favourite of the last few years (Gates is like a coming of age drama in 4 minutes) but I must admit I didn’t enjoy their last album, Rented World. The singles from this have been cracking though:

I’ve been singing: ‘Julie from the wonder bar, I still wonder where you are’ for weeks now.

just away to stick this on now, looking forward to it, especially after your ;Hold Steady’ comparison!

I really liked their last album although wasn’t as keen on their previous stuff. I’ve got this off-lined, and am looking forward to giving it a listen.

Been playing it a lot, it’s very enjoyable. Better than Rented World and Rented World was pretty decent if don’t compare it directly to OTIP.