The metaverse

Oh man i fucking love adverts and work meetings

I’m looking forward to watching nature documentaries from the '90s in full VR from within my post-apocalyptic habitat, watching them until my goggles fill with tears

‘Remember birds? Birds were sweet as.’


Absolutely just asking for an evolution of that “When I came, there was a fresh cup of tea on the desk” except now it’s “When I came, i found that I’d thrusted all the way to a stranger’s wake in Luton”


Bet theyll have Skyrim on it

I’ll just play Transport Tycoon again, like I do on every single piece of technology I’ve ever owned

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Can’t stop thinking about this (Paris Hilton is one of my guilty pleasures, in that I think she’s secretly a genius in the way she presents everything this sort of half-mocking manner… like, she knows everything is bullshit and is trying not to Fleabag to the camera… I might be wrong but I think she’s brilliant The Simple Life has a lot of Partridge levels gags)

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This is essentially setting up a dystopian future where the elite are uploaded to the metaverse to spend eternity being sucked off on the top of a skyscraper in paradise while the rest of us drown in floodwater and eat rats

I once met a vers

Did you click ‘excited’ on the poll though?

it asked me my name
I told it what it was


Is it that thing where you have sex through a headset like in that data bullock 90s Sci fi film?

I’m excited if so.

Leaving that typo. It’s her cyborg sex name.



This is officially the most Theo joke that has ever been made on this website

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Think you need to pair a headset with a sex toy that’s synced to whatever’s going on, whether that’s partner(s) or a recording.

I assume, anyway. Not like this is anything I’ve researched in the context of AI-assisted blow job machines to enable to me finally exist free of all human contact or anything. Hypothetically. In theory.

Sorry what were we talking about?


That amazon prime show where the guy dies and goes into a metaverse and then has sex with his missus. The suit she wore in that was disgusting

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Give it a quick rinse first, sure it’s fine

They were rented

Yeah, see above