The metaverse

It’s a bollocks corporate rebranding of ‘ecosystem’. The hell with it.

safebruv I have seen the show

you could have told me i had to google “show where guy dies technology amazon prime” to find what it was called

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No i just found the vid, someone had already done that


hoping by the time I die it has really taken off and they can upload my brain directly to the metaverse and I can live a miserable existence, but FOREVER!!11

There’s a tv show on Amazon prime about that. Can’t remember what it’s called


If slaying hot puss becomes socially unclean and unacceptable like in Demolition Man then the nerds have won.

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Fucksake, my company now invites us to meetings in the metaverse.

“Join us on the Metaverse today!”



Was on a flight recently sat right next to some tedious London arsehole who was telling all his mates he’d invested loads of money in .meta addresses and was going to make millions.

The idea that anyone makes real money from domain parking is a huge myth. You’ve more chance getting rich going on a quiz show and guessing all the answers.


The guy genuinely seemed to think he’d cracked it and McDonald’s and F1 were going to pay him millions rather than just threaten him with cybersquatting.

Bit like the guy with who thought Disney was gonna pay him millions

Can’t wait for Asda Land to launch

Barely even knew-averse.

(Apologies if that’s been done)