The Metro becomes newspaper with the biggest print circulation

I don’t really know what that means in real terms of people reading but it’s beating off :wink: the Sun and the Daily Mail

On the web side, the Mail is losing people while the Metro and Sun’s website is gaining.

Newspaper’s eh?

I think the last time I heard circulation the Mail was meant to be about 9 million so this seems quite surprising.

Let’s see if this works:

Publication Total print circulation (Feb 18) Year-on-year % change Bulks
Metro (FREE) 1,472,437 -0.25
The Sun 1,465,000 -7.98 118,334
Daily Mail 1,294,214 -11
The Sun on Sunday 1,244,702 -9.2 118,253
The Mail on Sunday 1,084,563 -12.97
London Evening Standard (FREE) 886,615 -1.16
The Sunday Times 742,705 -5.88 85,044
Daily Mirror 567,418 -19.04
Sunday Mirror 488,609 -20.18
The Times 430,119 -2.48 89,942
Daily Star 392,020 -10.91
The Daily Telegraph 374,719 -18.06
Daily Express 359,691 -7.54
Sunday Express 311,330 -6.84
The Sunday Telegraph 297,379 -16.64
i 254,117 -4.4 60,342
Daily Star – Sunday 237,369 -8.24
Sunday People 194,824 -17.93
Financial Times 178,899 -2.92 27,638
The Observer 178,660 -2.7
The Guardian 149,524 -3.25
Sunday Mail 139,638 -15.98
Daily Record 131,802 -14.18
Sunday Post 123,196 -13.47 538
City AM (FREE) 91,095 0.39
Website Daily Average Unique Browsers (Feb 2018) Year-on-year % change
Mail Online 13,516,050 -13.16
Metro 2,674,191 56.32
The Sun 5,108,004 15.81
Trinity Mirror Group – Digital 9,268,774 -0.24

Nice, the cut and paste of tables on this forum is now pretty swish!

13 million reading the Mail’s website every day, no wonder we’re doomed.


The Metro and the Mail are the same aren’t they? I don’t know how much crossover there is in personnel, but it’s the same company in the same office, etc.

Down 13% year on year though! Progress (Yes, the Sun’s is up.)

Yup, they are the same parent company. Obviously the Metro has a different user spread so it doesn’t quite aim for the same full racist demographic.

I get my news from DIS (18% YoY change)


The circulation of the Daily Mail has never been 9 million. Maybe you’re thinking about readership, or website traffic?

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No one employs sub-editors these days…


It’s a special reference to the newspaper’s “eh”, GP. Don’t you know anything?

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Should free papers count? People only read them on commutes. I see piles of them at bus and tram stops and in bins. I’d be surprised if more than 20% of them were read.

As it goes, i think they’re okay. On a par with the iPaper. Didn’t know it was basically the Mail, though.

I’d probably buy the Guardian more if the website wasn’t so comprehensive.

Didn’t know the guardian readership was that low. Blimey.



Amazed they can pay anyone

It’d be interesting to find out what percentage of those sales occur outside of London and Manchester. It’s the paper i most notice people reading here by far (though south and central Manchester’s probably not representative of the whole city). Next probably the Mirror.

Paper circulation =/= paper readership =/= website traffic, though.

Yeah not sure. Manchester Guardian originally so maybe it has a lot of history with people up there?

And won’t include web subscription but it still seems very small.

Didn’t say it was.

Just from going into shops and seeing them stocked and that, presumed more people would buy/read them.

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Even at its mid-80s peak, it didn’t sell more than about half a million. The one that surprises me is the Times - it wasn’t until it kicked off a price war in the mid-90s that it sold significantly more than the Guardian:

I guess it says a lot about the nature of actual elites in charge of the country