The midday meal thread

Fiesta chicken rice salad, pp good 7.5/10

Food and rating plz


bit late

Beef meatballs with “poached rice” (dunno), peas and beetroot on the side.

Charitable 6/10. Hungry already.

Well no one else made one did they :man_shrugging:

That’s a very odd combo there

Large Black Bean Dhal Makhni with extra coriander, and a piece of flatbread on the side.


Standard thing of there being multiple mains to choose from but set veg/salad bar.

Gonna rustle up a jacky p

Not in work today, so had cheese on toast.

Urid Dal (tomato based), bit of yoghurt mint sauce - 9/10, would eat again (which is good because I have another portion of it in the freezer). Would have gone the full 10 if I had had some tasty flatbread, naan, or an onion bhaji to go with it


Oof. Homemade?

Chicken and Bacon Sub
S&V Kettle Chips
Naked Blue Machine Drink
Orange Twirl

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chicken, veggies and salad, as always.

Bday cake and apple dessert

(Gorgeous pic)

what’s the pink playdoh looking stuff ?

Would guess a beetroot hummus-y thing? Was fine, just a bit plain and inoffensive

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Noooo. From the cafe at work. Yesterday was roast day so today is roast sandwich day.

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Had half of a pancetta/sweet pepper pasta dish. Other half tomorrow. No photo unfortunately.

when yr pal has left his lunch in the work fridge but you got in there first