The midday meal thread

m&s green chicken curry ready meal: 5/10 price reduced 50% £££
blueb skyr: 9/10

kiwi fruit for after: tbc

got a chicken katsu curry from the food market over the road. tasty/10, but a couple of hours later I can confirm that it was a mistake.

Leftover chilli slop: bowlful of chilli plus a dollop of sour cream, a small avocado, some grated cheese and a couple of chilli heatwave Doritos crumpled over the top.

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Also, knock off chilli heatwave ‘doritos’ from Lidl are not up to scratch

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I really like doing that thing where you have made a really nice, structured meal the night before and then the next day you just bodge it all into a bowl and it’s like, ta-da, lunch.


Oh it wasn’t even structured last night. All slop in a bowl.

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Top sloppage

Really want chilli now!

Your lunches are all so middle class.

I had chips and beans.

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Why was it a mistake?

Nothing wrong with chips and beans, no class warfare in the lunch room

because even now I feel extremely full and it’s not great

Burp it out, son.

not sure a burp’s going to do it

Need to get both ends going, eh? I hear that.

Ah right I thought it had made you I’ll really quickly

Early Pink Floyd lyrics needed work

nah sorry, far more boring than that. although non-katsu curries do tend to have that effect on me…

Leave my lentil dish alone
Hey, eater, leave my dish alone

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