The Minutemen


Favourite Minutemen song? For me, hands down, has always been this one - Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth, although they’ve got plenty of great ones to pick from


Also We Jam Econo, the documentary about them, is also on YouTube. They always seem like they were genuinely nice people and real friends, and I like their philosophy of how they ran the band.


semi obvious choice but i can’t look past this

always had a soft spot for this one too

they’re one of those bands i really like when i’m listening to them but i have trouble telling the songs apart a lot of the time


For people who aren’t familiar:


yeah when i read Our Band Could Be Your Life, the opening Black Flag chapter was so unpleasant and depressing and seemed to go on forever with them hating each other more and more. i was so relieved to get onto the Minutemen chapter where they seemed like such great guys who loved each other.

have never watched We Jam Econo, should change that


Yeah it just made me glad I never had to spend any length of time with Henry Rollins or the Butthole Surfers.

I always wonder how the Minutemen went down with all the uptight hardcore boys when they busted out their jazzier stuff at gigs.


as a sidenote i really need to listen to more fIREHOSE


There’s this Tortoise & Bonny Prince Billy cover of It’s Expected I’m Gone, it doesn’t really have the life or energy of the original though. I was kind of disappointed with that whole album tbh. Those two combined should have been great, but it wasn’t so much in my opinion.


The cover of Daniel is gorgeous though


I mean I like fIREHOSE, but I guess I don’t like them as much as Minutemen because they’re not so gleefully weird


Yeah, it’s not that I didn’t like the album, more that perhaps I gave myself unrealistic expectations that it was going to be amazing.


Yeah I get you. That was a problem I had with a lot of the In The Fishtank EP series


I’ve only heard the Fennesz & Sparklehorse one, and again I got excited, but it was kind of bland, like instead of coming together to make one supergroup, they’d just kind of rubbed the edges off each other. It sounded a bit like the music they play at spas.



know i’m in the minority but i really liked that covers album


“and cut down on guitar solos…”

Political Song for Michael Jackson to sing.


maybe this one:


and this one for improvement over the original


Their chorus-less cover of Van Halen is a gem:


I still love the fact that for the album cover they went “all these poodle rockers have got songs about speeding their sports cars down Sunset Strip. Let’s do a photo of driving bang on the speed limit heading to our deeply uncool little hometown”