The Moldy Peaches are back!

Wasn’t expecting to see a new Moldy Peaches gig (at the Roundhouse and Primavera) pop up on my Songkick!

Very much looking forward to seeing them again after 20 years. Just having a relisten to their album for the first time in a long time. I like Adam Green and Kimya Dawson’s solo stuff, but this was the magic combination for me way back when.


Very tempted by the Roundhouse show, cost of living crisis be damned

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Yep, £42 is much higher than most gigs I buy these days, but nostalgia will definitely prevail and insist I buy/go.

They were a two piece the only time I caught them live - who are all ^those guys?

Does that mean they found the crack?!

no way for 42 quid though :exploding_head: shame.

yeah this!

They were definitely a full band when I saw them at Reading in 2001 (?).

I think it was just Adam and Kimya that recorded the album, but they then seemed to become a proper band. When I saw them at King Tuts in Glasgow in 2002 (with David Kitt as a very nice support!), they were definitely a full band. I spoke with Kimya and Adam beforehand, and during the gig they handed out signed t-shirts to about six of us at the front of the gig. Just dug out my signed tshirt from the band, which I’ve never worn as I’ll then have to wash it! Wonder if I could give it a very brief wear for the gig…


How do they look so young

Oh man one of my favourite ever t shirts. Mine got a big hole in it and had to be retired.

Would definitely go see them again, they were fantastic in Belfast all those years ago. Really enjoyed their support Joie Dead Blond Girlfriend too. Anyone else see him?

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Have a soft spot for them and Adam’s solo albums are actually all pretty great.

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Just dug out my old poster, £9!

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Dead Blond Girlfriend? Cripes.

He also signed the back of the t-shirt! Although I can’t remember him now.

I’ve just remembered that I also saw Kimya and Adam do a Moldy Peaches ‘instore’ gig upstairs in a bookshop as well, maybe in Foyles? It’s not listed in my spreadsheet of gigs though, so I don’t know the exact date which will obviously irritate me much more than it should do.


June 28 2001 - I was there too, it was the same evening as The Strokes at Heaven, which I went to afterwards and MP supported so saw them twice in 1 night.


Oh wow, thanks a lot, very much appreciated! I would have gone along to The Strokes gig to see them again if it hadn’t already been sold out and super hyped/expensive to buy any tickets from touts.

Yeah I was offered about £200 for my ticket outside (which to a skint teenager was very very tempting!)