The monday is dead; long live the monday evening


alright troops?

gonna make some fish tacos later but couldn’t find any tilapia so going with cod. hmm

what you up to mates?


Work has pigeon guillemots and they’re pretty fucking cool

That’s all!

Gonna listen to radiohead and make lunch for tomorrow :slight_smile:


i had to zoom right in there to see them

any chance you can hop the fence for a better picture?


finished a song! First time in months.

Go me!


Will try tomorrow, the fellas are pretty nervous. It’s mating season for them so they don’t want to seem uncool by hanging out with a human.

They have a cute chirp tho <3


any chance of a listen?


i’ve found some leftover pistachios. they’re a bit soft though.


I can give you a private link if you like!


I’ve bought a six pack of my favourite crisps atm, never seen this before :ok_hand:t5:

Also I had 2 wasps on the bag, they must have enjoyed the colours


man I want some crisps now. Need to decide if I can be bothered to walk to tesco


I kind of wish I didn’t, trying to be healthy but idk 143 calories isn’t too bad right?? :confounded: but I love crisps so idc


Swimming off the menu tonight, no car access and no bodies of water nearby.

So, I’ll get on the exercise bike again today and aim to swim on Thursday instead.

Salad for tea, and early night. Fell fast asleep on the train home.


There’s a fight happening :open_mouth:

There’s a lot of barking, the shnauzer looks very angry but the other one doesn’t care


Evening everyone :wave:

Japes, let me see your tacos! They sound amazing, especially when I just had toast for dinner :expressionless:

In other news… I feel BONKERS. I’ve drank far too much tea. @ericthefourth I haven’t had a cup of coffee since last Tuesday! Thought I’d have a break for a little while but I seem to have just started overdosing on the tea in it’s place :grimacing:

Anyone tried Macrame since leaving school? Was considering making some hanging planters at some point before I wither and die.


Making some moqueca :fish::hot_pepper::rice:
Drinking some of my pal’s chocolate vanilla milk stout :chocolate_bar::milk_glass::beer:
Learning how to grow plants and that :seedling::herb::tulip:


yeah I have no self control, I know I’ll end up buying a huge bag of doritos


same. or i’d do the entire multipack in one go.


Just back from Clonmel, was working at the local arts festival. Had a great time. Was a kitchen porter for my mates who were running a pop-up café in an old church, worked a night behind the bar in my old local (my favourite pub in the world), played a gig and saw loads of my old mates. I even got to go to a all day metal gig to see some old school thrash while I was there.

In Cork now, just relaxing at home. Very jealous of @jazzballet’s crisps so I might have to pick some up. Heading to see my friends’ funk/prog band later, will drink a beer or two and listen to them beforehand.


I often overdose on tea and feel flipping awful after it. I can’t help it though, I fucking love tea.


well, they’re not made yet. will get round to it later.

what’s macrame?