The Mondayest of mornings

Hello all. Got a severe case of the Cost-Benefit Analyses this morning. But luckily I’m working from home and am listening to A Winged Victory… so that’s nice for me.

How are you? What does your day have in store? Has anyone in your office mentioned that it’s one month til Christmas?

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We’ve been talking about Christmas daily since about July. Actually bored of it now.

Had a cracking weekend. Work today is going to be tough.

Good Moleman to you all.

Dr Mrs Epimer has done her back in so I’m wfh so I can taxi her to the sports therapist and then possibly the doctor.

Nice game of platform roulette this morning. First it was going from platform 8, then 4, then 3, then 4 again. Can’t be doing with this on a Monday morning. Really need to get one of these jobs where you can work at home half the time.

Chris Martin is backstage at Saturday Night Live discussing the Syrian refugee crisis with a group of teenagers. A few feet away, his longtime bandmate Jonny Buckland briefly drowns out the conversation to check his guitar tone, and Martin outstretches an arm to silence him in a somewhat papal display of intraband passive aggression.

Lib Dem cunt.


Never h…

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Onsite in Glasgow followed by gym followed by drive to Manchester. :neutral_face:

In her current condition?! Cwbaft.


Oh what a wonderful week of weather! I definitely love this country it is so great with the constant rain and shit weather so glad summer is over!


The sky is peak grey here and I’ve under-salted my porridge. Pray for me.

Hospital appointment this afternoon.

I’ve got to go and work in a shop today (we have to do a certain number of days a year). I’m wearing trousers that are too big and too long and keep falling down despite a belt, and I’ve got a 15 min walk in the rain. Going to get drenched. My shoes aren’t waterproof either. Why didn’t i get my days out of the way in the summer?


Check what my wife brought me back from SF @avery @xylo @elthamsmateowen @hip_young_gunslinger

They are great!


I’m off today, woo! It’s been like 16 days or something since my last day off. I have of course had an urgent bit of work to do this morning, but that’s done and now I just need to get over the guilt I feel at not working.

Have absolutely no money though so can’t even use the day to do a food shop, or go to the cinema, or do anything remotely non-hermit like. Instead I’m going to clean and tidy.

I don’t like Reese’s classic peanut butter cups, but those look banging.

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Didn’t Cheryl’s career nose dive in an implosion of racism? Or was this a dig at RS?

Lol no

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How’s the foot @Gnometorious?

This morning I dropped the cat at the vets as he’s having a tooth extracted. They quoted between £250 and £480.

Thank god for pet insurance.

I suppose but she’s not famous for her music particularly, is she? Maybe it’s all the same in the end

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