The Monkey and Ape thread.

On the Tuesday thread I was discussing monkeys and apes with @kermitwormit and @weeber and I said I’d create a thread.

I’ve had a busy couple of days and didn’t get around to it. But as I’m currently watching Baby Chimp Rescue on BBC2 now is as good a time as any. Tune in.

So this is the thread to discuss your stories.
What is your favourite type of monkey or ape?
Where have you visited them?
Where do you want to go?
Any random monkey related merchandise you own and are proud of?

You’ll all probably soon realise I’m more obsessed with monkeys and apes than cats, which is saying something.


V much enjoying this rn

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Yes @ynot! Love a monkey.

We went to The Gambia last year, and I spent most of my time marvelling at the monkeys.

This was my individual favourite:

However, this is probably my favourite photo:


Not enjoying this sad bit tho…the chains whyyyyy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh hang on, I forgot this fella:


I love monkeys
here’s a marmoset I saw the other day near a banana stand


That was indeed really sad :frowning:

Shit! Thanks for the reminder that I’m obsessed with them, I need to get down to Monkey World while I’m in the area.

I probably bang on about this all the time, but the best day of my life was visiting the snow monkeys in Japan. I made friends with so many of them.


Honestly the best day of my life, I was so at peace. Lovely trek through the hills to get there, covered in snow deeper than I’d ever seen before. So silent. Then monkey pals. Also I slipped on ice 17 times that day but didn’t stack it, I was truly blessed.

This is a pal I made in Angkor, briefly after I took these photos a Cambodian man laughed in my face because I was so sweaty (cos it was hot, not cos I’m a monkey sex pest)

Monkeys, apes, all the gang, love em love em love em


there’s always monkey near the banana stand


But the dogs and chimps is ridiculously cute.

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Hehe love the way the dogs look after the chimps


You should definately go. I’ve been three times, actually got to meet Alison last time…

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In many ways, we have a lot in common with them.

Here’s a monkey pal I met the other day


Just a few highlights.





omg the second one! precious af

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no 4 is me. I’m the monkey

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I learned from the big bang theory that there is only one type of ape which isn’t a great ape, which seems mean, but in googling it I found out this is not true, lied to by the big bang theory

Anyone else watching Monkey Island on Channel 5?

Monkeys and apes are our closest evolutionary relatives, how did we get it so wrong and they got it so right?