The moon landings

NASA don’t want people flying over the original moon landing sites because it might make a mess, apparently.

Also, they’ve lost the original tapes, but don’t worry, Hollywood has helped them restore and update some other footage.


Come on then:

  • Moon landings definitely happened
  • Probably happened but have an inkling of doubt
  • Didn’t happen

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My grandma always vociferously insisted they didn’t happen, and grandmas know best.

I mean, my grandma gets me confused with her son who died in 1985. Not too sure about that. She probably doesn’t even know about the moon landings

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I’m guessing that if NASA wanted to stop people looking for the non-existent ascent stage of the Apollo 11 Eagle then they’d try to impose a buffer of a bit more than 75m away from the site for people going to take a look.

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Plausible deniability mate taps nose


Bit of a missed trick really. If they let them go there they could put the flag back up again after they blew it over taking off.

Is the moon real at all?

Love that my fake comment was liked by @drspaceman :grinning:


The biggest indicator that the moon landings were real is that the USSR didn’t call them as fake at the time.


Made of cheese, so it must be

Nah. Reverse psychology. Obviously means they were fake

Didn’t want to call attention to their own dubious “space programme”. Don’t want everyone banging on about the lost cosmonauts.

One of those conspiracy theories that would actually make sense given the context of the cold war space race etc, and would be a better idea to just to fake them than actually bothering to go to the moon, but reckon they definitely did it and look how shit it was! #fuckthemoon #kubrickdidit

Moon landing, wider than a mile
I’m faking you in style some day

Musk should probably have prodded that car he sent up there so it would crash into the moon eventually so he could claim the first celebrity car crash in lunar history.

The man knows how to keep a secret


Oh it’s real. And it will not stop until it destroys us all.