The moon landings

I like the way this Jedson thinks. Gonna get in touch and see if he’s either running a cult or would consider starting one.

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Your comment was fake?

Christ, can’t trust anything you see now…


Something really really winds me up about moon landing deniers. Have no personal stake in it, didn’t work for nasa in the 60s but I find that “well let’s call into question everything they tell you to believe” view takes me sweating right back to remembering how many trump voters there were and how they think about the world.



Although obviously Capricorn One is a piece of genius.


I think there’s also a massive classism issue with a lot of moon landing deniers. So you can picture a handful of astronauts and maybe Stanley Kubrik being down to secrecy for life right? But an operation that size how many caterers and janitors and drivers and whatever would you need? Can you imagine every single one of them being reliably sworn to secrecy in a totally watertight way and keeping that secret to their deaths or are you just forgetting that people like that exist?


I find conspiracy theories fascinating. Why would you think it didn’t happen? Some random guy came up with the idea that they were faked and you just… believe him?

I particularly like the claims that the crosshairs in photos appearing to be behind objects (due to overexposure on bright parts of the photo) mean it was faked. What’s the idea there, that they painted the crosshairs onto the background instead of just using a camera with crosshairs? Or that they laboriously drew crosshairs onto the photos for some reason but only onto the darker parts?

One up them. “Wait, you believe the moon is real??”


i don’t think they tell the secret plans to the janitors tbf


I think it’s mostly a reverse thing: people begin by thinking it’s simply impossible and then look for stuff that backs this up.

And TBF to them it really is utterly incredible. I believe it and yet it still blows my mind that they managed it, all the stuff involved, all the little bits like them deciding yo risk ignoring the computer errors on the way down, the fact Armstrong almost used up all the fuel etc.

I think if you decide it’s impossible and you’re confronted by so many many people accepting it you’re bound to go very deep to try to prove otherwise

Who cleans the soundstage where they faked it though? Who mopped those floors and emptied the bins?

cmon, now you’re being ridiculous

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I think Capricorn One is broadly accurate in how few people would be needed to maintain this sort of conspiracy.

I think it’s harder to imagine them doing it a further 6 times including all the work needed to do Apollo 13 and the widening number of astronauts who have to keep the secret on every mission.

How many layers deep is the irony going now? :grinning:

I had a one night stand with a conspiracy theorist, was rubbish.

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You are more right than you might think (if you live in a coastal area)

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Someone must have introduced the idea that it’s impossible though. I mean it seems impossible that something weighing 100,000 tons would float on water or that you can make a metal box travel at 100mph using fire and the juice from dead ancient plankton but nobody pretends that cars and boats don’t exist. I think some people just like to be contrary and feel like they’re going against the grain.


The other side to this is, how many confessions would it take before you changed your mind? If some 90-year-old former NASA janitor made a deathbed confession that they spent six months clearing desert sand from a soundstage, they would be immediately discredited.

Why am I? That’s not to mention the armies of technicians who would have had to create the moon “set”. I disagree with @1101010 cos you’d need an aircraft hanger sized space to film in. There would have to be guards on the door and cleaners and caterers, of course there would! You think Armstrong and Kubrik are ordering pizza delivered to the middle of nowhere and then making them leave it by the cat flap like in Home Alone every day? Then cleaning up after themselves??