The Moorside


Anyone watch this last night?

I think it’s a 6-part series but in the first episode they lost and found her so I’m intrigued to see what else will happen?

Sheridan Smith is always very good but the lady who played Karen Matthews was excellent.


Watched this. It was alright




No probs


It’s a two parter…

Gemma Whelan, who plays Karen Matthews, prior to being a regular on Game Of Thrones mainly did light comedy stuff so it’s nice to see her handling a serious role so convincingly.


Pretty decent stuff. Some bad accents though. I also struggled with Karen Matthews’ make-up; looked like a panda


It’s based on real life so we’ve got a fair idea.


I dunno, I mean it might not be Mike Leigh but I’m going to say Game of Thrones counts as a ‘serious role’?


I know that but I mean what else can they reveal apart from the conviction etc. I’m sure it will focus on Sheridan Smith’s character and how she felt after all was revealed.


I haven’t seen her in Game of Thrones but I can imagine this would be a much more complex role to play.


More info here.

It was quite widely publicised.


I didn’t realise it was that long ago. Thought it was maybe 5 years ago at most.


I KNOW. You’re not understanding what I’m saying. I’m talking about the drama they’ve “created” with the personal relationships/behind the scenes so I am curious as to what they will show that could potentially be made up for dramatic effect.


I get you. I’ve not seen it but the hype for it seemed to focus around the woman (a neighbour or friend?) Who led the search efforts




You disagreeing means I’m right though.


Nope, it’s fucking running around with dragons in skimpy outfits, get a grip “serious role”


I don’t tend to consider rape and torture as normal aspects of a light-hearted drama but to each his own, I guess.


Yeah it’s in there, in the same way it’s in shows like 24 or something, dealt with without any depth and in a bit of an off way imo but yeah whatever if adult themes is enough for ya this is just run of the mill for her I guess


Drifting a bit from the point I was making: In 24, Sutherland still actually plays his role well. The writing is shoddy and less believable than dragons stomping around but if someone watched the first season of 24 and then said, “Yeah, still not convinced Keifer can handle anything other than light comedy. I’d need to see him in a depressing docudrama to be convinced,” then I for one would be a bit