The more I hear Talking Heads


the more my opinion is cemented that they are the most over rated band of all time.




Yeah, they’re properly shit aren’t they


Not having that. I’m no mega fan of their recorded output, but Stop Making Sense is the GOAT live album.


A small favour, music discussers, while you’re here. Please visit this thread and vote in my poll:




hot takes have gone too far


Something about the way the title was phrased I knew this was a juicy thread before I’d even read the content


And now that you’ve read the content?


i know youre the only agreer ao far but please dont use this thread to hawk your poll (will vote now)


got a big suit ain’t he


A very big suit


It’s #TKCgold


I think I’ve decided I’m going to start advertising my lesser threads in popular music board threads kind of like how the Guardian does sometimes?


aye go on then


only cause you deemed this popular


Pretty much unanimously agreed in the ‘best song ever written’ thread on the social board that once in a lifetime was the best pop song ever written :roll_eyes:


i mean. even if I liked Talking Heads, I wouldn’t agree with that


TKC, you’re dead to me



Bet you would if it was on the OST to Cemetery Junction :wink: