The more I listen to 'Grey Area' by Little Simz


The more certain I am that it’s one of the greatest hip hop records of all time.



Definitely one of the albums of this year so far, though I probably wouldn’t go as far as this.


It’s great imo


I’ve listened to this album, so I know what I’m talking about

It’s better than OK Computer


I dunno I consider the likes of Pimp A Butterfly and Good Kid Mad City up there and I’m enjoying this everybit as much as those


It is a very good album.


It’s great. When it’s at its best (Sherbert Sunset, Offence, Selfish, Wounds) it is sublime, but I think it is let down by a few weaker tracks. Will almost certainly be in my top 10 of the year anyway.


My shit take is that this album and when she released Offence as a single reminds me of when Pusha T came out with Numbers on the Board. Just an intake of breathe that the production had really been taken up a notch to next level stuff. I know Pusha obviously had Clipse behind him and a previous solo track record but yeah it is a real marker for her anyway.


There are a couple of tracks that just aren’t generally my thing stylistically but I think at 10 tracks/35 mins it’s a case of me being able to appreciate those tracks as excellent examples of what they are doing. And after a few listens I actually really like it all and the overall flow of the album and if it didn’t have that variety it probably wouldn’t be as strong overall. So I dunno - not quite perfect but honestly it feels pretty close.