The more subtle symptoms of Busy Bragging



as in more subtle than just going on about how busy you are all the time

  • having an out of office auto-reply on saying something like “I’m in meetings Tues and Wed but will be checking emails”. Why did I need to know this?

  • loudly sighing or putting your head in your hands to let everyone know you’ve received a VERY IMPORTANT email.

keep listing others in here if you like, it might be cathartic.


Not wanting to change the world
Not looking for a new England
Looking for another girl


I’d change the IDIOT DICKHEAD spelling of subtle in the title but I just don’t have the time rn


I’ve pretty much got nothing to do tonight.

Aside from make my smoothie.

Is this the sort of thing you mean?


oh sorry that should read SULTRY


current boss does this about twice a week, and then looks around at us for a response. We all made a vow like a year ago to completely ignore it, so he’ll often just sit there looking at us before having to ask for our attention.

its fucking brilliant/awful.


I’ve done it massive sigh; types furiously




loads of people do the out of office thing at my work, don’t get why. i put mine on only when i’m actually off, and tell them to email someone else or wait as i’m not checking any emails when i’m off.

i do kind of do the email thing, but more if it’s VERY STUPID rather than VERY IMPORTANT. like the other day where i got an email from my manager with nothing but “epic banana?” in the body.


being busy makes me feel less busy


I’ve done the big sigh thing twice in the last 30 minutes.

I am very busy though



can’t stand this.

“i’ve sorry i didn’t do x, i’ve been swamped”

shut up. SHUT UP.


“I was that busy that I had to go to a Costa drive through for my tea”


“didn’t help though, they made me wait for 10 minutes for it to cool down before they would give it to me.”


People who do architecture are really bad for this. They claim they have loads of work, but i’m not convinced it’s that much more than anyone else.



Saying ‘bloody part timers!’ or ‘half day is it?’ when people leave at the end of the day and they haven’t left yet.


this gif comes so close to being a loop but is not :frowning: